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Incredible asset, thank you very much !

Looks good, thank you !

Awesome asset, looks very good !

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Awesome ! Thank you for the great work !

You should show the extra characters in the presentation too.

I did no find the tiny drone, is it normal ?

it looks awesome, thank you !

Awesome asset !

Hello, your assets are very good !

May I suggest you add a license to the asset ?

It will help you with the referencing, and will help users find your page.

Since you are not requiring credits and allowing modifying, maybe the CC0 will match what you have written on the asset’s page.

Or CC-BY-SA, and then you can remove the crediting requirement, if you want (CC-ShareAlike does not exists but you can give more rights permissions to users, see their doc).

Thank you for the nice review 😃

For the graphics, I’ll credit the asset providers that I used ^^

Making the worlds, as they are right now, was not too difficult once I had made a reusable system to build them. It’s still a bit time consuming to integrate the visual assets but not that much. I took shortcuts as well, some of the planets are the same in some stellar systems, I think, there is enough diversity so that it’s not too obvious.

I will make it more obvious that the ship is out of fuel as well. It will not matter as much once there is a save system also ^^

Thank you for the nice feedback, I’m glad it’s one of your favorite games 😀

I’m actually working on a new version yes, I will do a MVP using the reviews that were made.

The ship will start at full fuel capacity in “normal” difficulty.

I’ve fixed some bugs related to the fuel as well.

Thank you, I’m glad that someone liked the static background 😂

It’s not that bad actually, I would not had time to do something else I think anyway.

I applied the SFX volumes feedback for the next version.

Gorgeous game, pretty interesting idea 😃

There was a few issues, I am sure you did not have time to fix them, such as the slippery controls, the random ejection of the spirit, the need to jump to re-enter the spirit state for instance.

One that I did not see below, is the controller’s key, I had to switch to an english keyboard layout, which made it a bit difficult to remember which key was which.

Nice game, pretty fun 😀

I don’t know if you will update it, but I would love to be able to upgrade the astronaut as well :)

Nice game 😀

It made me think of Jump King, I can imagine that people would want to play it ^^

It took me some time to figure that you can load the gun 😅

It will be interesting to see what you will be doing next.

Pretty awesome game, very impressive 😀

I don’t know if you actually explained how it works somewhere, but I actually figured it out myself. Once I figured out the right keywords, the actual way to implement it was not too difficult to found (the Reddit post that explained the settings was from someone I actually posted a Github PR to recently actually).

Once you know it exists, it’s actually straight forward (more or less) to think it’s a functionality you could use to make a game ^^

There is definitively a lot of puzzle ideas that come to mind ^^

That must have been difficult to implement though, good job making it work in 2/3 days.

Thank you for the feedback, it’s really useful 😀

I could not go for joystick system, since I am targeting web / PC.

But I wanted to go for a propulsion system at first, where a force is applied to the spaceship, and you can rotate the ship after applying motion, to shoot wherever you want, which make sense for a “forward gun” (the main one), but it would most likely cause motion sickness to some of the streamers and players.

More precisely, I wanted the player to be able to accelerate in a direction, rotate, and shoot the enemies behind. It would add other difficulties though, like avoiding enemies in the movement direction, for instance.

And I did not have time to make two movement system. I will try to let the user choose the movement system for the next version.

For the second issue, the whole “die and retry” system I had put in place is not clear enough:

  • If you die, you keep your upgrades, as long as you do not restart the game (close the tab)
  • You will respawn at the last reached place (something like that)
  • Continue will put you back at the last level you loaded (at the beginning of the level)
    • It’s supposed to be a functionality to pause the game and continue later, since there is no save system
  • Start game will put you back in the first level difficulty, but the game systems I’ve listed above must be interfering with the design I had in mind (it’s a bug) -> you must be spawning in the last galaxy place you’ve reached -> so it’s diminishing (except for the learning curve) the difficult nicely (but it’s a bug)

I had never run out of fuel in the galaxy, since I know what to do, but I just tested it : you will respawn at the last position reached before you clicked on “Main menu”, the next time you open the galaxy map.

Normally, you can reach Luyten 726-8 (the one before the Snow level) directly from the first level with full fuel, if you do not waste any. -> I’ll make the difficulty lower and/or clearly indicate what to do once on the galaxy map

“I would have preferred if the map was a fixed designed, and designed to specifically provide a smooth difficulty curve.” -> I am sorry, it’s a bug

“On the topic of accessibility, I found the colors for the fuel dots and XP dots to be too similar for me to easily distinguish between them.” -> thank you for the advice, I can definitively make them of different shapes, I will focus on that (just after the parallax effect that woahh_jess mentioned)

“On the topic of fuel, …” -> yes, I will definitively implement a fuel-bar (same for the health and experience)

I am new at Godot, so I did not do it during the weekend, but I’ve seen some tutorials, it’s definitively something that I can implement.

I think it is not indicated clearly enough, but you can totally set the difficulty you want by using the cheat code “level up”.


You can actually exploit the “run out of fuel” functionality + the spaceship continue to move after “Game over” to clear the game in 2 tutorial maps + the last one, which I’ve just done 🙄

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Thank you for your feedback, it’s was nice to be able to discuss it live :)

It’s a generator that I used to generate sprites specifically for this jam ^^ They are deep-folds’s Pixel Planet Generator and Pixel Space Background Generator.

I’ve listed all the assets used in the credits section of the game.

I will definitively focus my next efforts on the parallax background. I had taken this approach because the specificity of this jam (and I released the game 6 hours before the end, so I would not had the time to do something different ^^)

I’ll try to give the users more choice as for the movement system to use as well (and I’ve noted a few other things from live review).

PS: I had added the asteroids for the parallax issue, but if I had put too many, it would had give the feeling to be in an asteroid field

I am sorry to hear that, I’ve noticed multiple person indicated it was challenging, I could make the first level easier.

I think I would also made the ships slower, for the first levels. And make the screen wider, so that you can see the enemies arriving better, may be.

Thank you for your feedback :) It’s not much of a tutorial but it’s good enough for the time I had I suppose ^^

I actually used a timer that can be different for each planets (the value is only different for the first planet), the one of the first map is 20 seconds (other planets are 5 seconds).

Since I knew the messages, I would just spam-click “ok” and it felt like a long wait before the first waves ^^ I would not want the players to think nothing is happening.

If I had time, I would’ve make the game start after the player acknowledged the last message, for instance.

Thanks :) It’s a bug (it’s actually in the known bugs section), you probably killed it but the destruction animation did not runned. It’s very weird because the code is the same for each enemies :( I know how I could fix it though

Thank you :) It’s nice to have feedback. In this kind of games, you would obtain more weapons but I did not have time to implement them ^^ The last level was very hard or all the levels ?

Thanks :) I capped it a bit (I think), so that it does not go full bullet hells (I had a memory leak at some point, that I fixed, maybe it would have been fine ¯_(ツ)_/¯)