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Not gonna lie this got me a couple of times. Definitely was not expecting that ending. Good game.

Another great game. I enjoyed giving in to my murderous desires.

Good game. Nice and scary.

Good game for it to be your 1st, I really hope you continue and make a 2nd part.

Good game! Creepy in a good way.

Super creepy! Good game.

Jump scare caught me off guard.

I liked this way more than I should have lol. 

Ned Flanders Kills The Simpsons In This Dark Alternate Universe!

He's just standing there, menacingly...

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How dare you use pixels to scare me like that lol. Good game DEV.

Am I playing the game or did the game play me?

10/10 Snek

Absolutely terrifying!

Mannequins are creepy.

Now this is horror done right! This game was unnerving right from the beginning to the end.

I enjoyed this more than I thought I would.

I enjoyed this more than I thought I would. Good game DEV!

Take this cat back! I don't want it anymore lol. 

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Very short game, I somehow avoided all major enemies and jumpscares 1st playthrough.

I was a bit unnerved  once the game picked up.

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This felt even darker than the original. The characters were way creepier in my opinion. 

Great game! Perfect mix of horror and puzzles, and the jump scares were well placed. 

This was downright terrifying and I loved it!

This was a nice, short, and sweet little spoop!

I'm ashamed to admit that I got caught with a few jumpscares. I did manage to collect all endings on a side note. Great game!

What our irrational childhood fears lead us to believe is amazing.

I really loved this game! The story was well written. The game was short , sweet , and to the point. 

I enjoyed this overall and I look forward to the games completion!

Love this! This is his villan arc lol.

Potrick really did snap lol.

Loved IT! I enjoyed this, great game DEV.

Great story and voice acting. Overall good game DEV,

I was scared so bad it hurt. Great game DEV!

I enjoyed this short game. Pixel Horror is the best!

I love it! Looking forward to P2, great game DEV!

Ginger, Oh sweet sweet Ginger lol. Great gane DEV!

10/10 Was definitely creeped out lol. Good game I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I ABSOLUTELY loved this game. It was adorable with a bit of a twist, great game DEV.