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Finally there's more. I'm looking forward to the next chapters release. The game looks beautiful and runs smoothly. I can tell a lot of work went into it and I truly enjoyed this experience. I will leave my gameplay below to watch if you are interested.

I love it! I will be buying the full game because I have to see this through until the end. I'll link part 1 of my gameplay below if you're interested.

Definitely not the ending I was expecting but ,I loved this game all the same. I can't wait for the finished game to be released! If you are interested in my gameplay I will link it below

This is so nostalgic! I last played Silent Hill 1 as a kid and I absolutely love this. This brought back so many memories. If you want to see my gameplay, I will leave it below.

I absolutely loved this game. The art was refreshing and a unique take on horror games. If you are interested in my gameplay I will link it below.

Definitely not what I had in mind at all when it came to the ending, I was completely wrong. This game was quite the unique experience. Here is my playthrough if you're interested.

This has got to be the scariest game I've played in a while! I loved it and look forward to what's to come. If you want to see my suffering I've linked the video down below. Enjoy!

I enjoyed this game. The overall feel of the game was unique. If your interested in my game play feel free to check it out.

Thank you for watching my play through. I can’t wait to play the next version. I really enjoyed it. 

I enjoyed this experience! I do believe I scared myself way more than the game though. I look forward to what this game will become. If you're interested in my gameplay I'm leaving the video below. Enjoy!

I enjoyed the ending a bit too much.. I look forward to the finished product. If you're interested in my take on the game please watch my video.


I think that this is a great work in progress. I thought it was more cute than scary and I can't wait for Episode 2. Check out my gameplay if you're interested.

Amazing Game!!! Definitely scared me more than I thought it would. I did run into a few bugs here and there but overall I enjoyed the game. I will be waiting on the full release. Here is my gameplay if you're curious. 

Not gonna lie this came got to me a bit. I really enjoyed it though. If you're interested here is my gameplay.

I can’t believe you had this just collecting dust since 2018. It’s a fresh experience and I love it!

Not bad for a prototype. I thoroughly enjoyed this game and I look forward to the full release. I played the demo on my channel, and would be happy to do it again upon full release.