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Is pre-ordering with the 20% off going to be available on Steam?

Kien is totally my type. I can't wait for this game to come out!! I'm super excited at the new developments!

Is the pre-order price going to be available on Steam? 

I played the demo and enjoyed it! I like that it provides a sequel to the original routes but also provides new character romance routes to discover as well. Leopold's demo was my favorite so far (but he was also my favorite route in the first game). When are you aiming to release The Thorns of War?

How's the game been coming along?

I have a Dell XPS 15 with Windows 10 64-bit and the following specs:

Processor: Intel i7-7700HQ CPU @ 2.80 GHz

RAM: 8.00 GB

Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 630 and NVIDIA GEForce GTX 1050

I'll try to use the Intel graphics card instead of the NVIDIA and see if I can get past the point of meeting Toranosuke (where it continually crashes at). 

The game has crashed on me over 5 times while playing it at different parts. But it looks gorgeous.

I voted yes!! I just discovered Rose of Segunda and I'm loving it! I finished Leopold's route and I was all in and wanted to see how the rebellion played out! I felt a little bummed there was no epilogue but if you have a sequel planned, oh boy I'd buy it in a heartbeat. Honestly, the sequel sounds even better than the original. It seems higher stakes and I love intrigue. I have such respect for your writing abilities after the first one; I really hope you pursue the sequel.