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Hello, thanks for playing !
Your video seems to be set to private, we can't see it :/

Thank you! The game is deliberately difficult. Congratulations for passing the two first levels, It's Impressive! There are 3 switches and 3 light sources. You have to find which source is appropriate for each switch.

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Thanks a lot!
We couldn't find the time to include a "Skip" button; we're sorry and we hope you still enjoy the game. :)

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Hello there!
We didn't include options to change the screen resolution unfortunately however you can change the graphic settings to high in the main menu. Also you can press Alt + Enter to go Full Screen.
We hope you enjoy our game and we can't wait for you to upload your playthrough on Youtube, keep us updated! ;)

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To make a save point, you have to kill guards (people that make light), it also turns their light off and make it easier to pass :)
Unfortunately in the video you tried to bypass the guard (at 2:40) which we didn't know was possible.
With that, it should be better, we invite you to try again :)
Thank you for playing !

Thanks for your comment. You should upgrade your units in a way to optimize your progression through the game. Try until you find the best combination. The Necroids need you !

Thank you :)

Thank you :)

Hey! Thanks for playing our game.
You have to hold down the left mouse button while zooming in/out on an enemy in order to control/possess it! Good luck!