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interesting game, the environment really had me on my tippy toes and the sounds were well set for the environment the gave me blair witch vibes, keep up the great work familia :D  

the games was okay, feel there should be more puzzles,and make them a little ore puzzlish lol, if that makes sense, i liked the little boss encounter we had to go through. keep up the great work familia :D 

ohh i got you, that make sense, thank you for the info.

hey hows it going, i wanted to comment on a couple of bugs i had encountered in the game, firstly i wanna say the game looks really good, im siked to play it but im unable to progress because of my inability to interact with certain items , like the battery and some item by the laptop on the cabin, it keep using the item i had in my inventory not the ones i was trying to engage with. help plx and thank you 

ill keep my eyes peeled for more games. also thank you for the kind words familia :D

nice short little horror games, i really liked the camera angle changes, specially when it  made it look like someone was watching us over their front yard bushes that looked really cool! keep up the great work familia :D 

great  game keep up the great work familia,  

fun little short  horror game, wish it went longer, keep up the great work familia, also that other game  choo choo charles when does it come out? id like to check it out when its available :D 


this was really good! that twist towards the ends was cool, literally was not expecting that change of game like that, keep up the great work familia, ima keep you work on watch cant wait to see more of your content   

fun little horror game, scared me from beginning to end, great atmosphere, great job with the sound quality really gave it an unsettling feeling, keep up the great work familia

the monsters/humaniods things are creepy asf, this was really well made, i did have one small tiny glitch, the character started to walk on its on, other than that great game, scared the crap outt me. keep up the amazing work familia.

this was really good, the atmosphere and feeling the environment gave me of uneasiness, this got me really good! amazing work familia, keep up the great work!

this was really good, really scary, the dark hues really gives it this dark shrouded world, cant wait for part 2 keep up the amazing work familia 

no problem keep up the great work!

hey i checked out your game, they game was fun, there was just something things that needed some fixing, keep up the great work familia :D 

fun little horror game, i just dont understand how to get the other two endings, any hints that dont give to much away??


anybody else couldnt watch muppets or any puppet related show cause they were scared of  the puppets? just me, okay,

ok on serious note this was was pretty good!

wouldve given this game a 5/5 but i couldnt since we couldnt john wick the freaking demons a$$ after what happened! good game tho, hopefully a full release is in the process!

yea i tried it multiple time in different time windows thinking i would do someting but it doesnt haha

i tried using the heart on the painting but its a dead end, maybe give me a small hint of where the heart goes?

i gave it another go and got one of the ending, but what im i suppose to do with the heart and the cable we find. my playthrough of the first ending i got

this was a really fun click and horror game, what happened when the lambs heart was smeared into the photo, i lost, was is suppose to smear the blood? 

this was a fun little game, wish it went a little longer, keep up the great work familia!

hey checked out the update and the game looks really good, tho i cant recall completely everything that was updated but the things i noticed about the update definitely made the game look better, the thing that i did have a problem was spotting one of the items in the basement, but other than that everything was really good i enjoyed revisiting this game keep up the great work familia, also thanks to the dev for letting me know about the update!

this was really fun, was not expecting it to get super dark like that. keep up the great work familia!

this game scared the crap outta me

this was really good! the jumpscares got me really good, the story was good , graphically looked smooth clean, honestly looks amazing, keep up the great work familia! 

this was a good twist to the p.t. style, this one has a interesting twist to it that i think makes it stand out! keep up the great work familia

this was a weird game,the ending got me really good

great game, the jumpscares really got me, specially in the closet, tho i feel more could have been done with the ending, but anyways keep up the great work familia!

good little short horror game, the ending tho ngl made me rage a little bit, that boss battle was a little hard. keep up the amazing work familia!

this was an interesting concept to make into a horror game, it did scared me but the glitches kinda took my immersion away, it was still fun and scary tho, keep up the great work familia! 

sorry for the repost i noticed that the video had an issue and i fixed it. again great game looking forward to it

this was amazing, the atmosphere,the jumpscares,this reminded me of the movie signs, keep up the great work familia!

this was really fun, i enjoyed this short little game, the whole concept about traveling thru different days to solve the puzzles was quite fun. im definitely gotta keep my eyes people on your guys work, im looking forward to see what you guys make.  keep up the hard work familia!