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Hello! Can I translate this game into Chinese?

I feel its charm! Unfortunately the CG is a bit poor, and if I had some money I could actually help you guys reset the art, but I don't have it. Anyway, great game!

Hello! Can I make a Chinese translation for this cute game?

Hey, hex, or AICandii, long time no see!

I did not expect to see this game come alive when I gave up the translation of BeyondYou and even started to make my own visual novel! I even quoted the name Tokidoki Koibito

But now I don’t really want to say anything, I can only wish you all the best!


Today is update day!

My translate have it too.⊙▽⊙

Yesssssssssssss!...How did you come up with it?  I thought I was thinking of it alone. Haha

No... because the music in your Classromm is not completely replaced, so the loop is still the music before the replacement.  Your music style is to play the basic song first, then play the loop of the music...

So in the classroom, it will be like two songs in a row.

You may be able to try the game yourself... The game has to have a debug process.

A bug: Classroom_base.ogg is different from Classroom_base_loop.ogg because it doesn't completely replace music.

We Need 1.1.09(DIED)

oh!!!!!!!It update!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!

Sometimes my Chinese menu will also encounter this problem.  This is a problem with fonts.  You can change the background!  :-D

Oh!  Although I can't enter Reddit and Twitter for some special reasons in China, I am Chineseizing this fun game!  !  Yes!

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There is a surprised Chinese player.My English is not very good, So I need to use some translations.

I can't wait to share this game because it's great!I can't express my excitement in my language. I found this game on youtube, it is really good.

I can't wait to see the full version of the game! I heard that you recently found a painter (?), in fact, my only dissatisfaction is the style of painting. Although the current style is very good, but... like many people below, I still like the old style. But this can't hide the game's excellence (and horror)!

Let's beyond everyone!

——a Chinese player

I cant wait!