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Isaac James

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What a wonderful little experience nice work

amazing work bro 

I don't understand how you did this :| wow

glad it hurt 

interesting game and a great take on the theme, reminded me lot of snake :o)

very nice! fun gameplay and nice visuals, great job

very fun and presentation was great 

very fun and presentation was great 

the game isn't working for me :/ when ever I click 1, 2 or 3 ect nothing happens

Thanks I'm glad you enjoyed :o)

Thanks for the feedback ill be sure to take it in account the next time I use a ragdoll system like this :o)

love the sound effects XD great job 

wow what a great, game well done guys!

Also another bug where you cant finish the game sometimes so sorry about that one :/ 

XD thanks 

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If you don't become wobbly when collecting the first blunt please refresh your page its a small bug I was unable to fix due to the dead line. Thanks and don't enjoy!