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So...I found this game through Mnemonic Devices, and...I may have played it too much. I found it less than 24 hours ago, and I already got all eight endings. ^_^;

Braums was adorable, and by far my favorite. I almost feel bad stealing him from Paris, though, because their romance in the Extras was really cute, too. Still, Braums is mine, and I'm not sharing him! :P

I will also echo someone else's complaint about Ash's anti-vegetarian attitude, being vegetarian myself, but I still really liked the game.

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1. Did you enjoy it overall?

Very much yes. I played it once...and then again...and I just kept playing until I got all the endings. ^_^

2. Who was your favorite character?

That's a tough call. I really liked both romance options. I guess, if I had to pick one, I'd say I liked Alto more, since he doesn't have the whole 'working for a corrupt politician' thing going on...

3. Anything that could be improved?

A sequel! :P  Other than that, one thing I would have liked seeing is an option for hair color. It's a purely cosmetic thing, but it'd be a nice addition to the other customization options we get.

4. Favorite/least favorite part?

I liked so much about this game that it's hard to pick one specific favorite, but being able to tease Alto in the kitchen was definitely a highlight. As for least favorite part: Getting SHOT. :P

I suppose he could come across that way to some people, but...he kinda reminds me of me, since I'm not very good with people either. ^_^;

One reason this story caught my eye was because it reminded me of one I've been writing on my own for the past few years (not for public consumption). My story involved a cheerful, happy-go-lucky guy take an interest in a depressed, quiet wallflower, and was largely about them becoming closer. The similarities definitely caught my interest, and your game gave me some inspiration to keep working on my own stuff.

Too bad wallflowers are ignored in the real world. This is why fantasy is always better!

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The premise of the game sounded interesting, so I decided to give it a try. I did NOT expect to love it as much as I do. I haven't even finished it yet (in fact, I think I'm still pretty early in), but I adore the characters and the relationships between them. GREAT writing and characterization!

Edit: Finished it. Loved it. Ren is adorable.

Well, I didn't have access to Easy Mode the first time, when I asked Jake out, and was apparently not shy enough for him, I guess, since he ended up dumping me at the end. I did turn it on afterwards, when I was mostly aiming for Adam, but didn't have any luck on either my second or third playthroughs. 

Playthrough 4 finally went better, where Jake asked me out, instead, and I finally got my first happy ending. (For the record, Jake is my precious little cinnamon bun, and I absolutely adore him - especially the story behind how he chose his name.) I was actually heartbroken when he asked me out again in playthrough 5, since I was trying to romance someone else (Dan, at that point - who I also managed a happy ending with). 

So, I've had better luck with easy mode, except for Adam, which is apparently intended. Still, I'm going to try for him again...assuming I can stop myself from dating my sweetheart Jake this time.

Sorry for my earlier irritation. Clearly, this IS a good game, since I've been playing it non-stop for the past I-don't-know-how-many hours. I just wanted someone to love me back, dammit! T_T

want to like this game, but the lack of a walkthrough is really frustrating. I've now tried three times, and have not managed to get any good endings. I don't know what I keep doing wrong, but none of Adam, Carlos, or Jake will date me (without breaking up with me). I even tried using the guide for Adam, and constantly messed everything up - either Carlos asks me out, or he doesn't like me enough to come out, with no in-between. >.<