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It's after Julian gets back from the headmaster's place, wearing a collar.

Ronald: Why a collar?

Julian: It's...complicated

MC: Not really. Go ahead. Tell him. 

It stuck out as really weird for me, since that suggests the MC already knows about what's going on, even when he shouldn't know anything about Julian's 'arrangement' (I left as soon as the wife got home, I never even saw her or Julian there). It would make more sense for the MC to question it as well.

So, continuity error. I left the headmaster's house as soon as the wife showed up, so I never saw the 'dog'. Yet somehow, I knew about it in the scene with Ron and Julian, and insisted Julian tell Ron about it, even though I shouldn't have known about it in the first place...

There's a 'Step 4' which hasn't been released yet, and Baxter and Derek will have their own romance DLCs, so...yeah. We haven't even seen the 'ending' of Cove's story yet.

Nope. The game was originally meant for Cove to be the only romance option, with Baxter and Derek being added on later (though their romances are currently-unreleased DLC). The next game will feature more varied love interests, though.

They don't have a release date yet.

I'm sad that I missed the Kickstarter, but...I just found this, and wow. I love it! I'm mostly torn between Ellis and Casey, and I want to give both of them a hug. Definitely looking forward to where this goes!

THEY ARE NOT DOING THIS. There will be ONE 18+ moment, which will be released on Patreon (and ONLY on Patreon) as a stand-alone Moment. They will work on it at some point, probably after finishing the Step 3 DLC. But the game itself is family-friendly, and they will not be including anything you're asking for as part of it.

Just playing the demo shouldn't cause a problem, unless you're using old save files from the demo as well...

From what I understand, no. The only NSFW stuff they're going to do is a stand-alone moment that takes place shortly after Step 3, which will only be available on Patreon.

Shiloh and Jeremy are actually cameos from another game made by GBPatch, called XOXO Droplets, and are both romanceable in that game (as is Nate, the rude guy that yells at you during the Shiloh 'reunion'). If you'd like to learn more about them, I'd suggest playing it (though I believe Jeremy's route requires a purchase, while you can do Shiloh's route for free).

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Bug report: After completing the Dinner moment in Part 2, it doesn't gray out. It will gray out if I try to click on it again, but right after finishing it, it still looks selectable.

Yes. You need certain relationship values to unlock those scenes, though I don't believe it's possible to get all of them in one playthrough since there are instances where you have to pick and choose who to raise your relationship with.

I was looking at the planned release schedule again, but it doesn't seem to say when the two additional romance options will be released as DLC? Are they supposed to come sometime after Step 4, or will they be released sooner than that?

It is totally understandable! Delaying things to make sure the game is polished would be a good enough reason, even without all of the extra problems life is giving you (which I'm very sorry to hear about)! Take your time, there's no rush!

...That was my problem. I didn't have female partners active. I was used to playing the original version, which didn't have a way to disable content like that! I'm a dope. Sorry, and thank you! ^_^;

Yes, let's pretend that leaving a message on their webpage is a completely unreasonable method of asking them a question. Let's also pretend that capitalizing random words will make anyone take you seriously, and draw attention away from how much of an asshat you're being. Sure.

Are you referring to the scene where you see her going into the Torture Rack? Because I already did that - that's how I got the option to talk to her about being a domme in the first place. If you're talking about something else, then I have no clue where I'm supposed to find her.

Once again, you completely miss the point. There are THOUSANDS of developers who abandon their projects without a word. 'They would have said so' is what people would hope, but that doesn't make it true. Considering the developer's silence, the concern IS warranted, and you acting like it isn't just makes you look like a douche.

You say that like no one has ever just disappeared without bothering to complete a project before. Considering no one's heard anything, it's not unreasonable to wonder if that's what happened.

I've done that. Repeatedly. I can ask her about her experiences being a domme, but that doesn't let me be her sub. 

So...does the old 'sub' questline with Fawn no longer work? I can find out about her job in this version, but it doesn't seem like she has any interest in having the PC be her sub anymore...

...The game's not released yet. Once the full game comes out, you'll be able to buy the DLC for additional content, but it's not available yet.

Only twice? I think I've played it close to a dozen times at this point... :P

Yeah, it's a great game. Very much looking forward to to full thing in a few months!

Well, now I'm hyped for it. Which probably means you're saving that for the full release, rather than releasing it for the demo, aren't you? :P

How dare you tease me with an acknowledgement of mutual attraction and STILL not offer an option to kiss the boy? :P

In all seriousness, I do kinda understand why ('first kiss' should be a special occurrence, I think), but still! They're too adorable!

Hello! Me again! xD

Small question I had as I started the newest version of the demo: will be be able to change the mouth of our character in the editor? It always shows a smile, but I have a couple of characters that aren't big on smiling, so I always wonder if it'll be possible to change the expression.

It's not a huge deal, obviously, but it's something I was curious about. ^_^

Well, I for one definitely like the older Jeremy better! xD

Actually, the main reason I didn't recognize him was his personality changed so much. I was used to him being 'Whatever, I don't care' in XOXO Droplets, so seeing him as an insufferable angry twerp here was pretty jarring. It's nice to see how he's grown, though. xD

Yep! Both Shiloh and Jeremy make appearances in this game so far (my two favorite characters from XOXO Droplets, though I'm ashamed to admit I didn't recognize Jeremy when he showed up here).

Small typo found on the latest version, during the Firefly event:

"(Name) is just mad ecause I always catch the most."

It's missing a b, and the e has the umlauts (two dots over it) instead.

It's not out yet. I think Parts 1 through 3 are scheduled to be released in August, maybe a little later, while Part 4 will be released at some point after that.

I just played the PAX version, and oh my god, the 'I choose him, and he chooses me' line during the Sleepover event... That just hit me RIGHT in the feels. Adorable little babies, giving me emotions like that... xD

...I can't believe I didn't realize that Jeremy = Jer-bear! He's just so different! I mean, I wanted to punch him in this game, but I absolutely adore him in Droplets...

Yes. In fact, there's a conversation in XOXO Droplets where he mentions Lizzie, so it's a neat little cameo.

Yeah, I have a feeling he's going to continue annoying my poor little circle of friends. My characters are already hoping they never have to see him again, but odds are, they won't be that lucky! xD

I'm playing on Windows, though I just tested it again, and now it seems to be working. Weird. When I was playing earlier, once I started looking through the options, it stopped giving me None as a choice, but now it's showing up just fine. So, never mind! If I have it happen again, I'll try to narrow down what I did differently and let you know!

Yay, I'm a backer now! ^_^

Also, I just played the demo for the first time since the initial release, and I would just like to say...I'd VERY much like an option to punch that Jeremy kid for insulting my Cove. Even if Cove and Derek stop me from actually doing it, I'm super-protective of my 'baby boyfriend', so having an angry option beyond demanding an apology would be cool.

Also, I seem to have found a bug, which may have already been reported, but when choosing my appearance, I can't go back to 'None' for the back hairstyle after looking at other options. If I even look at something else, 'None' seems to vanish from the list of options.

'Failed to execute script collector.'

That's the error I got when trying to run the game.

Okay, so after seeing baby Shiloh in Our Life and finding out he's a main character in this game, I had to give it a shot. I started out with the free version (and, obviously, did Shiloh's path - he's adorable, and really hot with some of his expressions), and then decided I had to buy the full version so I could try the second route I was interested in (Jeremy's, which I'm still playing, but I love his snide jabs). Yay for another awesome game! ^_^

Unfortunately, playing the free version downloaded from here seems to have locked me out of some of the Steam achievements. Pretty much any achievement I would have gotten before switching to Steam won't unlock (the one for starting a file, the one for talking to all the guys at the first meeting, the one for doing a side conversation, etc). I've tried resetting my data, and I've tried uninstalling the game completely and reinstalling it, but those achievements still won't unlock. It's probably more of a Steam issue, but any advice on how to fix that?

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Well, drat! Curse my fashion blindness! I probably didn't even notice necklace or hairstyle options. I didn't even notice the glasses change until my third game!

Now I have to play through the demo all over again, and find out what causes his design to be different...

How did you get four appearances for Cove?? I played through the demo five times, and I only ever got two outfits for him: a blue t-shirt and a red sleeveless shirt, if I remember correctly (he also had glasses in some of them, but not in others, I can't recall which).

I want to know! xD