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Cool, thanks for the hint!

I played the game on a C64 and C128 in 64 mode. I love the game and bring it up whenever I'm in a conversation about retro games. The tune is catchy also, enjoyed the interview with the composer on your site 

Only a handful of games really hold up with kids today. MULE definitely did. They've been playing on their own!

My kids and I we were discussing the best video game music recently, which got me wondering if MULE was available online somewhere. How exciting to find it! We've been playing together and they love it.

I just wanted some clarification on how to catch the Wampus in this version. We've played several games now where I think we should have caught it, but nothing happened.  I know that you can't catch the Wampus until after you install your M.U.L.E and I know the little white light in the mountains is the Wampus cave. But, when we get lucky and walk directly over the dot nothing happens, I've also tried clicking while the dot was beneath our character, again, no luck. What is the mechanic for catching it? Maybe we've just been unlucky?

I'm playing the latest version on Linux using keyboard and mouse.