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I can reproduce this. but only by using a little cheat I've left in. The cheat is like this: When you get caught by the police and the message is "caught! press O to start new career" you can actually reload the page and it will continue as if you never were caught. But it doesn't sound like what you describe.

If you have the time and feel like it, message me on this discord (I opened it just now), and help try to catch this bug?

ah ok, thanks for clarifying. I'll look into it, and will hopefully have a fix ASAP.

hi @bogusbishop, thanks for reporting! I can not reproduce this bug, how does it happen?

I did the disable thing with the cameras now in v1.3, thanks for the suggestion!

My only concern is that now the game might be too easy, wdyt?

hey thanks for playing! those are some great suggestions, I'm going to look into it too see how much i can improve it, i got some wiggle room in the code so hopes are up!

many thanks!

not for 1.2, it was only the minor fix for 2p.

It is Exactly Your Place to say this! Comments like yours are the reason I have comments enabled, my man!

I do respect your humbleness, no one wants to hurt anyone's feelings, we're all trying to have fun here, it's games after all :)

Thanks to your comment I'm closer to believing I could invest in making this demo-like game into something bigger more fully featured and it having an audience!

(I could never dream of someone playing my game for hours, so a super thanks for playing and taking the time to comment!)

omg I'm so flattered! thanks for taking the time for playing and for the write-up! :D

I've heard from others as well that some kind of tutorial would be good, but because of code length restrictions of the platform (pico-8) I don't think I'll ever make an in-game tut. Do you think a wiki would be any good?

Hi, thanks for playing and commenting! 

You are right, some buildings have more competent security than others. Sometimes you just gotta bail to live and burgle another day. Maybe snatch a statuette, or a wallet from a desk on the way out? ;)

Thanks for playing and commenting, much appreciated!

You can actually distract the guards, they react to sounds. It's not a certainty how they react though ;)

super thanks for this bug report! fix will come in future patch.

yess! you know it baby! thanks for playing!

hehe a bit of spook is never wrong, right? ;)

thanks for the kind words, and for trying the game out!

hey that's perfectly fine with me, super fun to have people engaged in the game! you are so friendly i have zero concerns with this :D

Hi! Thanks for playing and commenting! 

The guards will react to sounds though, maybe not in a perfectly predictable manner, just like real guards. ;)

I hear that I need to reevaluate them with my testers then ;)

And thanks for replying to other users above, appreciated that your tone is so polite but on point! thanks!

I'm super happy you took the time to write this, and thank you for playing! :D

swoopie has already been so kind to respond to some of you concerns, but I'll try add some dev perspective as well.

You are fully right in your criticisms because the game is lacking good UX in big areas, but I'm sorry to say that most of these will not be fixed in this incarnation of the game, because it's made in pico-8 which has hard restrictions on code length so to add stuff something else has to be removed. Anything You think is superfluous?

The misclick escape is another thing though. Because you and others have had this problem it'll end up high on my todo, and thanks for the suggestions!

Also, since you mentioned building own levels I'd like to mention one of my inspirations: the Castle Doctrine by Jason Rohrer, dont know how active it is anymore but it's worth checking out!

Wow! thanks a ton! it's so fun to watch you play as well! crackin' those safes as a pro!

thanks a bunch for taking the time to write! I'm happy you like the busted scene :D

what I meant with police lights was those icons that pop up when you step into a lighted area, you are then "seen" (raising the wanted-meter). If you're seen too many times in a row you get caught before entering the next building. It's not deeply explained in-game, but I needed some way to promote sneaking, and not just smash-and-grab every run (as my testers figured out and got a bit bored).

it's the one thing i can think of that might be too intricate for the rest of the feel of the game. 

hi, congrats on the heist! :D thanks for playing and i appreciate the time taken to write these comments!

I know the game have some UX issues, I'm looking into fixing them if I can without sacrificing gameplay elements. Because the game is in pico-8 and thus have restrictions on code length so it's a matter of taking something out first. I might remove the police light thing, wdyt?

nice, thanks!

Thanks a bunch!

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it!


Hi, I don't have anything planned for 16x16, and  sorry for the somewhat late reply. Do you have a link to a project I could look at?


still waiting for this! It looks fantastic! (and secretly hope it will come to mac too)

aah, no I hadn't! now it all works fine! thanks!

beautiful! fun!

This is very neat! I have a problem though:

I'm on level 3, but my trains won't load the lumber. The workers just stand around with the log on their shoulder doin' nothin' :(

aaaah, my bad, my steam was in euros! thanks

why is it cheaper on steam?

Thanks! That makes me happy :)

Thanks for playing!

Fun! It should be called "Colon Probe" tho

Thanks! And yes, you are free to use it however you want. I'd love to see what you make with this!

If you need more assets I'm open to do business as well, I'm very flexible.

Thanks for the feedback! That's a very good time! What dog did you use?

Thanks for the feedback! I'll definitely look into this

thank you! I'd love to see anything you made with this :)