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hi! thanks for playing and for the kind words, warms my burglar heart. :)

that do sounds like a bug tho 😅

thanks for the explain!

well, if you had a stable economy to begin with there'd be no reason to go burglering ;)

I like this comment

that warms my burglar heart! thanks for playing and commenting!

Good question. It's the engine used (pico-8) that has this as default, and it's not possible to change. If I'd wanted to change it I have to do my own mapping, but it would only work for the web version, and then I'd have to deal with instructing different keys for web and the downloaded versions. Which I rather not do.

Thanks for playing and commenting!

Right?! We're all just honest burglars trying to get by

omg that's awesome! the big white thing I've never seen before, it's a bug, uh I mean it's  "part of the mystery" ;)

thank you! and yes, sometimes you hit the jackpot on the drops ^^

thanks for letting me know! I'll make time soon to see if there's anything I can do.

I uploaded the p8 too now. Happy burglerin'! :)

(I'm curious, what emulator and handheld you are using?)

hello! I uploaded the p8.png, would that suffice?

omg, that's awesome!

It's easy for a burglars to get used to the high-life ;)

Thanks for playing and commenting, makes me happy.

yeah, never trust an orctroll is a good general rule :D

Ah, then I think some item you have got the Phasing ability. It makes you teleport away when hit.

Do you think that might be it, or is it a bug somewhere?

Thanks for the report!

Did you have any item equipped with Phasing? i.e. did it make an animation with blue circles around the vanquisher?

or was it just you walking, then pop! you were in the other side?

They don't seem to be a very empathetic species no hehe.

I have thought about this scenario theoretically, but this is the first time I've seen it. Thanks for playing and posting this! 

Nice! Thanks for playing!

hi, thanks for playing!

If one of your burglars are still on the loose you can escape and pay bail to continue to play (if you have enough money). If both burglars are caught the game is over.

oh you heart burglar you! thanks for playing and commenting!

Sorry my bad, couldn't have more than 10 tags, but now it should be there.

ah, great feedback! added 8x8 tag, thanks!

hi, sorry for the late response  When you have unlocked the safe with the correct code it will start showing a green light. If the red light is showing you'd have to start over.

hi, thanks for playing! thanks for the report, just so I understand correctly: when you think you have unlocked it, you press up to open, but it goes red?

hi! thanks for playing, so guards have hearing and can be made go in different directions (it's random). But sometimes the head security has just done such a great job that it's just impossible, then it's better live to burgler another day! GL

thanks for the report! they do be silly sometimes.

hey thanks for playing and the write-up! I'm glad you enjoyed it, and agree on the feedback, very well put!

oh, I didn't know it happened that often, thanks for replying!

hi, thanks for playing! Thanks for reporting, it looks the same as a known bug, but it's always good to have a sense of how often it happens. 

Many thanks! I'm glad you like it!

haha niCE! I'm happy you enjoy the game!

hi! that's great! what do you think of disabling cameras? useful or nah?

Thanks for playing, and the kind words~

You know it baby!

Thanks for playing, and for the kind words!

Hi! thanks for playing and creating account to comment :D

I too like the bow, but for small enemies, othing beats a big sword for the bosses!

that is exactly right! but you can only turn off one camera at the time, and if you happen to select it again it will become active again. You can disable the camera of you go up to it with burglar nr 2 ;)

hi, it's supposed to be a cam control, so you can both see what the cameras see and you can also turn them off while you stand there. Cameras themselves have a little light to indicate whether they are on or off. Happy burglerin'!

oh, that's an impressive day count! straight A's in burglar school!

Hi, thanks for playing!
To open a safe you need sound on. Then imagine you put your ear to the safe's door and try turn the wheel left or right, just like in the old gangster movies.