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hi, sorry for the late response  When you have unlocked the safe with the correct code it will start showing a green light. If the red light is showing you'd have to start over.

hi, thanks for playing! thanks for the report, just so I understand correctly: when you think you have unlocked it, you press up to open, but it goes red?

hi! thanks for playing, so guards have hearing and can be made go in different directions (it's random). But sometimes the head security has just done such a great job that it's just impossible, then it's better live to burgler another day! GL

thanks for the report! they do be silly sometimes.

hey thanks for playing and the write-up! I'm glad you enjoyed it, and agree on the feedback, very well put!

oh, I didn't know it happened that often, thanks for replying!

hi, thanks for playing! Thanks for reporting, it looks the same as a known bug, but it's always good to have a sense of how often it happens. 

Many thanks! I'm glad you like it!

haha niCE! I'm happy you enjoy the game!

hi! that's great! what do you think of disabling cameras? useful or nah?

Thanks for playing, and the kind words~

You know it baby!

Thanks for playing, and for the kind words!

Hi! thanks for playing and creating account to comment :D

I too like the bow, but for small enemies, othing beats a big sword for the bosses!

that is exactly right! but you can only turn off one camera at the time, and if you happen to select it again it will become active again. You can disable the camera of you go up to it with burglar nr 2 ;)

hi, it's supposed to be a cam control, so you can both see what the cameras see and you can also turn them off while you stand there. Cameras themselves have a little light to indicate whether they are on or off. Happy burglerin'!

oh, that's an impressive day count! straight A's in burglar school!

Hi, thanks for playing!
To open a safe you need sound on. Then imagine you put your ear to the safe's door and try turn the wheel left or right, just like in the old gangster movies.

Files added, just hit me up if you run into problems! Happy burglerin'

thanks for playing!

Your highscore and saved game would not be transferable between the stand-alone and web version, would that be okay?


hi! you need sound on, and then listen for the different clicks, just as any real burglar would

Hi! Thanks for trying out my game. If there's any bug I'd love to get it fixed. Any hint in the questions below helps.

What seems wrong with the game?

What version of the game?

What OS did you try it on?

that's a real good run! well done!

thanks for playing and commenting! if you ever see the bug again sometime, I'd love a screenshot! happy burglerin'

Hi! can you explain the use-case for a download file? also, which platform do you need?

Fun! I want more!

thaanks~ I'm happy you like it :)

All the hard work: Worth It! 😃

Thanks for playing and coming back to comment, I'm feeling warm and fuzzy now.

cool! thanks!

haha great! It was added a few versions back :)

Thanks for taking the time to write! I've worked with a few other engines before, and my problem is with me. I can't finish a game if I have too much options. I just go bigger and better and more intricate at every turn, getting stuck in details. That's what I love about the extreme restrictions in pico-8 - you can't go overboard.

With that said, there's always a small chance I have opportunity to recreate this as a bigger game, then a full blown engine will have its place for sure!

Thanks again for commenting and playing :)

hehe yeah I know, it's a bit of a bummer when you get those situations in a row.

I know it's not a "security appreciation game", but unfortunately that's the only thematic explanation I can give at this point. This is because of technical reasons, the platform pico-8 has extreme restrictions to code length (which is good! otherwise I would still be working on this game!), so to add stuff I need to remove stuff as I'm currently maxed out.

I'm more than happy to hear suggestions though on different ways to fix this. Many of the ideas for updates that have made the game better has come from players like yourself. Any idea big or small on gameplay variation os welcome!

And thanks for playing and commenting! 

only sneaky stealy, no sneaky attacky

Haha great! :D

Thanks for playing and commenting, it feels good to hear the game is being played as a 2p too!

Thank you @enyx very much! I fully agree that not every game needs to be a big game to be fun, and I'm not after to get players hooked for years either (if you are tough, that's totally awesome! :D

But I do find it very rewarding that my silly little game tickled peoples imagination enough to want to fill out the fantasy even more, I could never ask for more than that.

Anyways, thank you for taking the time for both playing and commenting!

That you played several hours w your partner makes my heart smile. <3

Each map is randomly generated, so the probability of seeing the same map again is vvvhhery close to zero. (I did this so I could enjoy the game myself :D

Nice, I'm happy of be of service! Nice demo as well, I played through it, really got that chunky retro feel, good job! (I'd really missed being able to fullscreen it though)

first you walk up to it, you'll see the burglar will have different graphics than for walking. then you just use your arrow keys to interact! to stop interacting you just move downward. happy burgling!

Thanks for the suggestions! Ramblings and brainstorming like yours has helped and been implemented before, and I really like hearing peoples ideas! The vending machine and deployable box was new and interesting, gettin' the gears in my head crankin'. :)

About making noise, you can walk into almost any of the objects to make a sound that guards react to. They'll look a random direction and then turn 180 to continue patrolling, so it's possible to steer them a little bit.