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still waiting for this! It looks fantastic! (and secretly hope it will come to mac too)

aah, no I hadn't! now it all works fine! thanks!

beautiful! fun!

This is very neat! I have a problem though:

I'm on level 3, but my trains won't load the lumber. The workers just stand around with the log on their shoulder doin' nothin' :(

aaaah, my bad, my steam was in euros! thanks

why is it cheaper on steam?

Thanks! That makes me happy :)

Thanks for playing!

Thanks! And yes, you are free to use it however you want. I'd love to see what you make with this!

If you need more assets I'm open to do business as well, I'm very flexible.

Thanks for the feedback! That's a very good time! What dog did you use?

Thanks for the feedback! I'll definitely look into this

thank you! I'd love to see anything you made with this :)

i like this

The "anywhere" option didn't show up for me either at first, I had to follow the steps on this page to have it working:

Oh, sorry, it's when I right click on a slider (to begin typing)

Hi, I tried the macOS demo and tried right-clicking and this happened:

My set-up:

Thanks for supporting non-windows!

I'm on macos and unfortunately this didn't work for me. I've been at it a few hours and I'm giving up for now, waiting for that sweet mac-release ;)

wine did not work for me (samba/ntml and then d3d issues)

i love this

this vector art is on point!