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that's a real good run! well done!

thanks for playing and commenting! if you ever see the bug again sometime, I'd love a screenshot! happy burglerin'

Hi! can you explain the use-case for a download file? also, which platform do you need?

Fun! I want more!

thaanks~ I'm happy you like it :)

All the hard work: Worth It! 😃

Thanks for playing and coming back to comment, I'm feeling warm and fuzzy now.

cool! thanks!

haha great! It was added a few versions back :)

Thanks for taking the time to write! I've worked with a few other engines before, and my problem is with me. I can't finish a game if I have too much options. I just go bigger and better and more intricate at every turn, getting stuck in details. That's what I love about the extreme restrictions in pico-8 - you can't go overboard.

With that said, there's always a small chance I have opportunity to recreate this as a bigger game, then a full blown engine will have its place for sure!

Thanks again for commenting and playing :)

hehe yeah I know, it's a bit of a bummer when you get those situations in a row.

I know it's not a "security appreciation game", but unfortunately that's the only thematic explanation I can give at this point. This is because of technical reasons, the platform pico-8 has extreme restrictions to code length (which is good! otherwise I would still be working on this game!), so to add stuff I need to remove stuff as I'm currently maxed out.

I'm more than happy to hear suggestions though on different ways to fix this. Many of the ideas for updates that have made the game better has come from players like yourself. Any idea big or small on gameplay variation os welcome!

And thanks for playing and commenting! 

only sneaky stealy, no sneaky attacky

Haha great! :D

Thanks for playing and commenting, it feels good to hear the game is being played as a 2p too!

Thank you @enyx very much! I fully agree that not every game needs to be a big game to be fun, and I'm not after to get players hooked for years either (if you are tough, that's totally awesome! :D

But I do find it very rewarding that my silly little game tickled peoples imagination enough to want to fill out the fantasy even more, I could never ask for more than that.

Anyways, thank you for taking the time for both playing and commenting!

That you played several hours w your partner makes my heart smile. <3

Each map is randomly generated, so the probability of seeing the same map again is vvvhhery close to zero. (I did this so I could enjoy the game myself :D

Nice, I'm happy of be of service! Nice demo as well, I played through it, really got that chunky retro feel, good job! (I'd really missed being able to fullscreen it though)

first you walk up to it, you'll see the burglar will have different graphics than for walking. then you just use your arrow keys to interact! to stop interacting you just move downward. happy burgling!

Thanks for the suggestions! Ramblings and brainstorming like yours has helped and been implemented before, and I really like hearing peoples ideas! The vending machine and deployable box was new and interesting, gettin' the gears in my head crankin'. :)

About making noise, you can walk into almost any of the objects to make a sound that guards react to. They'll look a random direction and then turn 180 to continue patrolling, so it's possible to steer them a little bit.

I'm super happy you come back to the game!

You are completely right about the skip action, I'm going to yank that out next!

I understand about the trees, and as a player I agree. But here's a lite tidbit about the trees: they are there for optimisation! The shadow algorithm (most shadow-casting algorithms in 2d roguelikes) take a lot of resources in open spaces. So when running this game on my raspberry pi it started to be janky and less responsive, taking half a second to react to key presses. So I added trees and now it runs smoothly even on my raspberry pi.

The ability to knocking on the trees come more or less free as that action is added to all objects in the map generation.

I'm so glad you took the time to write as it makes me think if there's something I can do different, something to replace the trees with. Maybe have small buildings without doors or just walls, would that work? wdyt?

it shouldn't be possible to download, there's no use. thanks for bringing this to my attention, I'll try to remove that option.

thanks! you can't knock them out, but they can be distracted, by sounds. (some times it will still be impossible though, like in too cramped rooms for example)

hi, it's for controlling the cameras. 

hi, thanks for playing and commenting! when you hear the other pitch sound you go the other way, eventually the light well turn green. happy crackin'!

thanks! I'm glad you like it :)

I can reproduce this. but only by using a little cheat I've left in. The cheat is like this: When you get caught by the police and the message is "caught! press O to start new career" you can actually reload the page and it will continue as if you never were caught. But it doesn't sound like what you describe.

If you have the time and feel like it, message me on this discord (I opened it just now), and help try to catch this bug?

ah ok, thanks for clarifying. I'll look into it, and will hopefully have a fix ASAP.

hi @bogusbishop, thanks for reporting! I can not reproduce this bug, how does it happen?

I did the disable thing with the cameras now in v1.3, thanks for the suggestion!

My only concern is that now the game might be too easy, wdyt?

hey thanks for playing! those are some great suggestions, I'm going to look into it too see how much i can improve it, i got some wiggle room in the code so hopes are up!

many thanks!

not for 1.2, it was only the minor fix for 2p.

It is Exactly Your Place to say this! Comments like yours are the reason I have comments enabled, my man!

I do respect your humbleness, no one wants to hurt anyone's feelings, we're all trying to have fun here, it's games after all :)

Thanks to your comment I'm closer to believing I could invest in making this demo-like game into something bigger more fully featured and it having an audience!

(I could never dream of someone playing my game for hours, so a super thanks for playing and taking the time to comment!)

omg I'm so flattered! thanks for taking the time for playing and for the write-up! :D

I've heard from others as well that some kind of tutorial would be good, but because of code length restrictions of the platform (pico-8) I don't think I'll ever make an in-game tut. Do you think a wiki would be any good?

Hi, thanks for playing and commenting! 

You are right, some buildings have more competent security than others. Sometimes you just gotta bail to live and burgle another day. Maybe snatch a statuette, or a wallet from a desk on the way out? ;)

Thanks for playing and commenting, much appreciated!

You can actually distract the guards, they react to sounds. It's not a certainty how they react though ;)

super thanks for this bug report! fix will come in future patch.

yess! you know it baby! thanks for playing!

hehe a bit of spook is never wrong, right? ;)

thanks for the kind words, and for trying the game out!

hey that's perfectly fine with me, super fun to have people engaged in the game! you are so friendly i have zero concerns with this :D

Hi! Thanks for playing and commenting! 

The guards will react to sounds though, maybe not in a perfectly predictable manner, just like real guards. ;)

I hear that I need to reevaluate them with my testers then ;)

And thanks for replying to other users above, appreciated that your tone is so polite but on point! thanks!