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Loved this game, loved the short story it tried to convey! I'm so glad I included in one of my 3 Scary Games. Would love and would play this if you guys decided to turn it into a full game.

Loved this game of yours! I'm so glad I included in one of my 3 Scary Games. It was not that scary but I really likes the atmosphere it gave off.

Cool game! I really liked it. Made a video out of it, if you don't mind?

(* ̄▽ ̄)b

Nice game. I like how it is just a walking simulator that showed me a story instead of telling it, really refreshing.

Gonna buy the game cause I really liked it, great job!

Loved your game! I was doing a 3 Funny Games series when I discovered your game here on but now I want to support the series by buying each game cause I want to do a stand alone series on it on my YouTube channel. If you want to check out how I played your game here is a link ( and just skip to 27:00, hope my Let's Play was not that offensive, lolz!