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Irina Ilie

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hey im sorry your game is not that popular 

you worked hard for this :\

but i like it.

The Superfluous Sand community · Created a new topic F.U.N

This game needs to be more popular

its just that you feel like you can play it FOREVER and it's just great :)

it's really fun, you can explore,build, attack monsters and its not just a 2D minecraft no

you can sell stuff so you get money to buy that baby lama :) and you have quests

sorry if i am bad at english

wow ok :))

spwach !

(great game)

thank you

hehe i like people who make just some more original games

this game looks cool

ma score 240

great game wewewe

wow thanks for working at something :)

well i know you can change how the text looks on your game page for example mine is sans serif 

whats the name of that awesome writing?


Machinarium community · Created a new topic weeew

weeeew lwike twis gwame

love this game style, love the backround, i actually maked something in my game like 2 walls or something  with this drawn backround :

never seen this game idea, i really like it. :)

contact me at


probably it's  a good game but idk french

fixed it

me  simulator

🚉 chu chu

hehe sorry :)

this game is better than gta v

this game so cool