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Ahh, well I think I put things badly the first time. xD
Also understand that, it's hard to put together replies! :')

Thank you for sharing a fascinating little story with us!💗

Yeah, I like that though, that's why I say I struggle, I'm partial to happy endings, but they are not always the best thing for some stories, and while bad things do happen, sometimes the worst things actually lead to better outcomes... even if not for all. That's what I meant, I liked that the ends where not perfect, and that some felt worse then others, but even then, by the bonus descriptions, it sounds like they might lead to something better for the future of the world. Reason I struggled to pick my favorite end, because they all had something about them that I liked.

I can agree, horror isn't really my thing, but when I do enjoy it, it's when it's more of a mental horror. I know the creepy stories that I still think about years later have never been the graphic ones, but the ones that leave a little more to your imagination and twist your mind with a subtle feeling of unease.

I think I liked it most because it reminds me of games I play on consoles. played a few with choices where you just press the directional buttons. It allows me to play with the keyboard over having to use a mouse, and means I don't have to put my cursor over the images at all, something I enjoy. Never occurred to me that one could do the same with a visual novel, but it's a nice touch.

Wow, very well made, so polished and amazingly powerful story! I felt for the characters, and I really struggle to know what ending I feel is best... after all, I can't judge their actions when I've never been in their shoes. Also reading the bonus content... it's hard to say the ones I personally like best are really the best for the world they live in. Brilliant little game!

This... was so powerful. The story, then your choice of music, the text over the hallway. It all worked perfectly. I restarted my life once, and it felt like this. Free. I actually wish I could do it again, but I have too many ties that I can't break right now. But someday again... I want to not be where I am, and I want no one to know me again. It really is freeing, scary, but freeing. You captured this so well!

The artwork is beyond adorable, and I love the falling leaves! I was so happy the ending got to be a happy one too! I'm sort of like that, no interest in a partner, but I feel sometimes I should give up hope on things that do matter to me... but I just can't, so I'm happy to see these character not being able to quite give up on what matters to them!❤

Wow, this was really well made! I loved the voice, so well done, and the entire thing was really creepy, but in a subtle way that feels creepier then blood and gore. That mental horror that sort of sticks with you. I don't often like this kind of thing, but I enjoyed this one a ton!

Ugg, I wish I could have won in real life the way I did in this! xD Every call the manager ended in the manager ignoring our company rules and acting like I did the wrong thing, even though if I hadn't followed the rules I would have lost my job! :') Ahh... this takes me back to bad times and very unreasonable customers... You definitely captured that!

Wow, great music, fits so well. This was sad, beautifully well done, but sad, and it made me long even more for a world where no creature has to suffer. We humans think to highly of ourselves, to give pain to others, human or not... it's just so sad and most often so unnecessary. This little story has so much feeling, and I understand the loss of trust the MC experiences... So well done, it's a story that will stick with me.

I love this little game, the game is so well made, and the art, music, character and character animations are lovely! Wonderful work on this, I'll be coming back to play many times over!💗

Yes, Such a cool looking place with such a fun character to spend time with! :D This was fun and I loved all the different ends! You can likely tell what my favorite is. xD

Ahh, this is so cute, I like how the character talks, and it was interesting to learn a bit while playing too! I love the artwork, and the sounds and music. Also suprised how much I liked the clicking the arrows to pick the choices. Sort of wish that was standard for al VNS, liked it. Adorable game! 💕

Aww, this is super cute! I adore the simple interactions, and the art is so adorable! Love this little game!😍

Nah not kind, just enjoyed your small VN, so I wanted to gush a bit~ xD

Oh gosh, I can understand that! Litening for any music for hours/days on end can do that to you! I was pretty much joking, as I figured it was a bit of a joke on your end too. xD

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I find myself really wanting to know more about what is behind this "broadcast"! It was a really wonderful way to use the limitations, and it really very polished for such a short jam VN! Lovely art, and her expressions are so perfect. Awesome work!

Also what "Annoying music"? I'm keeping the game open now just to listen to it. xD

Wow, this was really very well done! Brilliant use of sound and the GUI and art give just the right feeling! The story is spooky, but really good and I loved the mystery, I'm glad to have figured it out! Really awesome work!👏

A lot of feeling packed into a small story! Really awesome how to managed to draw out the story with the halted speech. It worked well with the emotion you where clearly going for, and made the story a bit longer. I adore the art, and the photo background worked perfectly with the style of the sprite! I really like the very different GUI too, looks really nice! Wonderful work!

Ahh, very clever setting, allowed you to use the one sprite multiple times! Also like how you suggested turning on the self voicing, it suited the character perfectly and was a nice touch! Great job!😊

For a short story about nothing... this game has a lot to say. I adore it, partly because I relate to the character. It's so simple, but that is perfect for showing deeper feelings. Amazing work, and I must say I adore the character.💕

Wow, this is really powerful! You did a lovely job capturing such a feeling and the simplicity that went with the challenge really made it all the more moving I feel. You made a really lovely story and I adored the ending! 💕

Amazing work!

Always will look forward to seeing what you create! 💕