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In my parts they never talked about a truck. They said he has something to do with SS Ane but I don't remember the details.

That aside Mew can actually be caught in pokemon red though. You have to exploit the game a bit (though no external tools are required) but it's absolutely doable. You can get all 151 pokemon if you believe enough (and open the menu at the right time then fly to the apropriate place). :)

My mind is divided between "the goddess wasn't actually in trouble and just wanted to give them a chance to help her so she'd have an excuse to help them" and "I'm autistic and the cat being stuck on the tree and unable to run away because she was paralyzed from the sounds is something I deeply identify with". I like both interpretations.

Anyway, lovely story, I had to take pauses to process my emotions a bit, but they were ultimately good emotions.

Fair. 馃槉

But, but... a boy that practices witchcraft is a witch. If you ever read a book on witchcraft written by a man (regardless if you believe in it or not) he's not gonna call himself a wizard, he's gonna call himself a witch because that's what he practices.

To comment on this game I'd just like to say that my reaction to Periwinkle saying: "You'll get there, my sweet. One day, you'll be able to toss aside any feelings of inadequacy and wear all sorts of daring outfits with pride!"

Was: "Thank you. I really needed to hear that."

Personal feelings of a specific line not directed at me aside: Extremely sweet and hearthwarming story. Would recommend.

As a trans person (Who doesn't even tend to play porn games. Like, seriously, I can't remember how I stumbled uppon this one.) I never thought I would feel humanized by a porn game. Yet here it is.