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I can't seem to get any bond past the second level. I am just stuck on Nel and I keep letting her take control but it seems like I hit some cap but I've seen people way further with her so I assume I am doing something wrong. Some help would be appreiciated.

I'm playing the most updated version. The problem seems to come and go. I can go to class sometimes, but then suddenly it just won't let me.  The error just comes and goes.

I'm kind of stuck. For some reason keep getting a message saying "unknown class" when I try to go to class. It's stopping me from going down the sissy brother route.

I wish I had know this was on this site. That's what I get for not reading the full about section on you Patreon I guess.I've wanted to say this for a long time now. Been following this game for maybe a few years on and off. Even through some money at the Patreon a few times. Would have done that more but I am a broke guy. I don't know what your plans are for this once you finish it but I'm glad it's been free to play for so long. It's honestly hard to find quality games like this with stuff I'm interested in and good art. Props to all the work you put in on this. If this does eventually have a price on it I'll most definitely do what I can to buy the full thing. Love this game.

This is fucking fun. Kinda wish I had some money to throw your way. But I'm broke