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Would be super cool. Thank for making this program.

Sadly this seems like it is already out of date. I tried following the tutorial.

the plugins folder didn't exist in the git repository.

The godot project wouldnt run. Seems lots of functions were possibly deprecated? The main initial issue is godot hated. "var dir =" seems you cant create a DirAccess that way anymore in godot?

So they are! It took me 5 minutes to find them though even with your help. Many other games have them as a separate file that people can download. Since they are bundled with the free version I missed them as I was looking for a link to just the sheets.

Not inherently a problem, just letting you know my experience. xD

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The adrift playbook feels like its missing something? It has the home gravity clock from "love, love, love". Which seems like the adrift is growing more and more homesick which is powering their magic? It feels backwards to me, like their magic should grow weaker the more they yearn for home? Maybe it should be changed to "stranger in a strange land" and represent adapting to the new world they are in?

Maybe give them two competing clocks. 1 being the love of home and 1 being the love of the new world. When one completes Channel goes up, the other channel goes down?

Also the adrift's move "Draw Your Bath And Load Your Gun"  is just a worse version of "Fade", as you have to roll to gain spotlight and might introduce a complication with no added benefit. Id recommend changing it entirely or at least giving +2 spotlight, or advancing the +HOME clock, or some other benefit to justify the downsides.

It feels like the playbook wants there to be a bigger struggle over returning home, but mechanically it has little to do with that?

Advocate' s +3 channel feels like too much with no downside. I would recommend making their channel tied to how close they are to nature? Fighting on a plain or in the ocean? +3 CHANNEL, Fighting in a coal factory? +1 CHANNEL. This would also lend more power to their "A Greener World" move letting them increase their CHANNEL on a 12 as they increase the presence of nature around them.

Revanant has the same issue as Advocate, but it bothers me a little less as it does have a downside, it's just that the downside is entirely rp based. Maybe give them 1 downtime token instead of 2, as they have a hard time relating to the mortal world now?

The Icon,

 is there a reason "Performance" replaces B-plot instead of being a B-plot alternative? Being unable to do a downtime scene seems like a major disadvantage.  I could see it being a choice they make at the start of the sortie, one or the other, but denying a normal B-plot seems like too much to me.

I stared at the playbooks for a solid 5 minutes in confusion until I finally saw the line you mentioned. Guess I'm blind. xD

Good to know and glad to help.

Also reading through, I,m confused about gear. The book references

"Next, choose from the gear or equipment options your playbook has. Some playbooks have more than one choice." 

But I don't see it listed anywhere how much gear we are supposed to choose? I originally assumed we just got all the gear on the playbook since it didn't list (choose one) like on Approach.

Should add despite all my nit picking I am loving what this game is doing.

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Page 19  "losing use a weapon until you can re-arm"

Should be " losing use of a weapon until you can re-arm"

Lead A Sortie lacks an explanation of what happens on a failure, minus a short example later in the book. I feel most moves should just list what happens on a failure to be clear.

Ironically I came to the same rules change as you more or less. I roll a d6 on every action and spend +1 air if I roll a 1. This makes useless items like the condenser valve more useful as it reduces risk of moving three times with 3 rolls into 1 time with 1 roll. I found this made the game just tense enough that I could still play it safe and be fine, but made taking risks actually risky.

After playing some more, a few more notes. Page numbers are wrong in the table of contents in books 1. Specifically tools are on page 14 not 13.

Also I for the life of me can't figure out what the spectromagnetic camera does? It just lets you get all the rewards from a room each time you visit? so when I set it up in the toolshed I can just get infinite items by walking back and forth?

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Cool game, love the art, theme, and the book layouts.

The issues I ran into:

It seems too easy to plan out a safe exit. Without randomized oxygen loss you can just do some simple math to see if you can make it to the exit still or not. I wish the game had a little more luck in it, I testing just rolling a d6 whenever I move and if it comes up as 1 losing 2 air instead of 1.

I haven't played all the scenarios or maybe I missed a rule, so I could be wrong in this. Are you somehow not meant to know what events are coming or how much air it takes to complete a room?

Also the fact that you do not need to place a corridor at the start of the game seems odd. In my first playthrough I didn't do this and I drew the vault as my very first card which ended my game then and there as I need more rooms to actually complete my contract. I don't know if this was intentional, but showing up to a wreck and then turning around and leaving I didn't feel made for a compelling story.

All that said the rules themselves state the player can do whatever they like to improve the experience, which I always appreciate.

This, I stopped playing after falling down and having to walk all the way back for the third time.

Fun little game, I wish it had multiplayer, this would make a great little party game!

I'm toying with the idea of a game about being the Crown to a kingdom with the goal of using your limited powers to keep the kingdom going the way the first king/queen envisioned it. It would involve some simple dice rolls and what not as the new kings/queens fight you change the kingdom.