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Really? For Android? Thanks for bringing this to my attention.


Hello Sabretusk isn't it already a full game since you can install it?

Its amazing now but just an idea why don't u add official support for 
modding in your own format (e.g .min-android for Android and on pc/Mac make the extension .min) or .zip/.rar that would be cool and u 
should make a folder on Android and pc/mac for mods and basing a mod on. Thx for 

I know bluestacks is terrible but it's the easiest to set up. what i would be recommend is getting your hands on a Android ISO and either A) Install it to your main computer or B) Use virtualbox or VMware (cuz virtualbox sucks)

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And please continue working on this game it has a lot of potential scrapman was reviewing it that's how I found it I also like games like this alot. I'm begging u plz😭😭😭

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Please make a version for Android.

It should be easy to port and test if you don't have a Android device  because you can use a Android emulator like bluestacks or a different one.just plz port it.