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Happy to do it :) 

This was great to play, hope the full game gives more insight on to what is happening. Please keep creating great games like this and I hope I helped in someway to get you noticed in the bigger gaming industry. 

I aim to help and inspire. Its what my channel and the people who follow me are all about.  Keep it up. 

I enjoyed that game and yours plus loved the part near the end. kind of hit home for me about either giving up or moving forward so there was a bit of a life lesson in there too which i really loved. thank you for making such a great game and i look forward to playing more horror inspired games from you keep it up. 

It reminded me of another game called when darkness comes which was a choice game very similar to this. So its kind of a sequel to that one. Loved the choices to I felt a bit of realism too one choices we make in life. It really did speak to me. Loved what you did.
 Hope to see more of these experience types. 

Hi there ok this was an interesting experience. I liked it and what it stood for. I hope to see more from you in the near future 

Big thank you for letting me play this game also I really hope to see more from you peeps at Corpsepile. 

Thank you so much for the reply. I shall be staying tuned I can't wait to play this creation of yours. It looked real promising from my first experiences. 

Thanks for letting myself and others play your game. I LOVED it. This is something special and I really want to play this fully. I have made a video showing my experience and to try and get your game out there for others to play it and be aware of it. Keep up the great work. 

I have to say that this game is very well made, however I don't have a clue on what I need to do haha. Though as I say in my video I will possibly revisit this game in the future as I like how its presented love the scares. 

Just had to play this game and see what it was about. Love ps1 style games and this game did not disappoint, very different and I like the idea of the story too. I would like to see more expansion on this story as a series like who the leech man is and why he is like he is. Keep up the awesome work 


This was a great game to play. I will admit to loving the style and I can't wait for more from you as a creator. Keep it stylish!!!! 

thanks and love pushing indie devs to people. this game is good and can't wait to finish it. 

I had to play this game again, this is part 2 of the updated game you awesome devs pointed out to me.  Love what you have and how strange it is. 

Wow ok this was a creepy game and i have to say liked it even tho the mini game parts were a lil annoying but over all good game if you want to see my reaction and my thoughts see the video and I hope that many see it and you go on to bigger better projects soon 

Big thank you for the demo, was nice to play a point and click game once again. Haven't played one in a while 

A big thank you for letting me play this game and show it on my channel for others to see. I enjoyed playing this and how unique it is in its style. I hope to see more from you as a creator, even using this style again just with some added things. keep it up. 

Its fine, and I loved what you have started with. 

Big thank you for posting this game, its really good and I am looking forward to what you do next. 

It was great to play your game hope you all get rested and keep up the great work. :)

Really good game, like what you did though I think it needs more story and it was a bit long with not much going on for a bit could use a tiny bit of work but overall great game keep it up hope to see more of your work 

Fun game though really short. Is it meant to be this short? Hope to see more of this game as it was fun to look at visually but way too short 

Awesome Game, will admit not sure at the start how to do anything but it came clear after a bit. Keep it up hope to see more from you. 

Have to Say thanks for letting me play this game and showing it to others. You can see my experience and I wish to see more of this series more keep it going. 

Thanks for the reply. I shall play 3.0 for the next part :) 

You put alot into the demo and can't wait to see what you have install for the full version.

Nice game you have and I will say I will be playing more parts of it. First half is well done though I do have my peeves overall good game, If you want to see what I thought check out the video, plus big thank you for the dev in letting me play it, hope to see more from you peeps.

I have to say well done on this game. Really liked what you have here. Played it and I have to say...LOVE IT keep up the awesome work and thank you for allowing me to show it upon my channel. 

Wow I love this game!!!! Thanks for the demo and I can't wait for the full release of this game. Was a pleasure playing this  

The part with the lights was I died twice and did it the third time. Thing was with that part was the fact there is no run button (at least it wasn't on the normal key binding of shift) But I will note the third time I did it I was lucky as it seems the lights are randomised each time you play that part. The third time I was getting the lights all on the same wall rather than across the room. 

Still loved the game, would like to see it evolve in some way I liked the idea of the radio world etc. keep at it.   

big thank you for putting this game out I had fun with it but there was a few problems with it which I address in my video. However great game thanks :) 

Was great to play Chapter 2, love it and will say a big improvement over chapter 1 which I also played. The Stylish One of Horror Gaming says keep it up and I can't wait for Chapter 3

Big thank you for letting me play and showcase this game. I played another game of yours that you are working on too. Becoming a fan of your work 

Thanks man haha I am lightly updating it too look more like a computer interface for my new plays however nothing else is really changing. Thanks for replaying too :) 

It was a pleasure playing this game a big thank you for allowing me to play it on my channel as it was pretty freaky and a great experience

Hi there, the stylish ionprime here has to say great game and was happy to solve all your puzzles. nicely done, nice story and atmosphere. short sweet and to the point. Here is my play/walkthrough on all puzzles as well as my thoughts on this game 


I have to say nice start on a horror John, keep at it and I can't wait to see what else you can come up with. 

It was entirely a pleasure to play this. Plus on Twitter I asked anyone who sees my video to check out your kick starter and this page too. I really hope you manage to hit your full potential on this game. The prime time crew is a caring gaming community for everyone.   

A big thank you for allowing myself and other creators play your game its very good and yes I crapped myself I now have a cleaning bill because of your game :P 

Yo peeps and big note to the devs it was a pleasure to play this Prologue of Project Kat.  I can't wait to see the finished game because I know I will be diving deep with this horror game upon its full release.