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This is an interesting game but I think the clock on the phone is a bit screwed up lol. As always I love playing these games and you put them out so fast I can't keep up haha. 

Thanks my friend.  I am off to play the second one :D 

Thank you Reve Voodoo for making such an interesting game. If you could please share this video out as it helps YouTube's algorithm in sharing it to more people on it's site. I can't wait to play the other parts of this game. 


Thanks so much Bruno for making an interesting game world that I want to see more of. I want to see the full game real bad. If you can please share out this video since more people watching here will help spread it across YouTube and get the game seen more. 

Thanks Jordiboi for creating a great game, I didn't expect it to be as long as it is but I love it. Love the gameplay and the beautiful graphics of this title, I really want to see more. If you can can you share out my gameplay to other devs too. I'm trying to get more known with game devs and want to be more known in the community. 

Thanks again.

616 you are a MONSTER as always you don't disappoint with your games and what you aim to do. Love the game and the experience was first hand terrifying. I shall be playing more of your games that's for sure. 

Can I get out of this loop now? Thanks for giving me access to this insane world of horror you are creating. Because 616 You are badass and since we talked awhile ago since I played midnight tales Vol 1 you are truly an inspirational horror game dev. 


This game is too good. I LOVE IT I honestly can't wait to see what other secrets there are in this game. :D 

Thank you so much for making me aware of your game, and thanks for making this game. Truly a great concept. It's not perfect and has some jank but it is solid. Some fine tuning here and there and you have a winner here. Please if you could share this video for me it would mean the world to me.

Visually it is great, I hope there will be more to the gameplay like combat etc. Anyway thank you so much for making this game and please share this video out where you can. I want to help you out as well as other indie game devs. 

Big thank you TyroByte for making a fun game. Please if you enjoyed my video of playing your game can you share it out for me? Thank you again for being awesome. 

It was so fun to play keep it up and I shall play your full release. 

This was very well made and I love you both for making such a great horror game. I want to play the full game so please contact me when it's out.  Oh and if you two can please share this video out to your friends too :) 

More to come but could you share this gameplay out for me. As for the game it seems I am progressing easy enough. :) LOVE you game, and I hope to reach the best ending. 

We are doing it again seeing just how far we can go and try and get the best ending.

Great game to play. I like the idea on playing on your fear of the unknown. It wasn't just dumb jump scares it was the experience you had to go through. Keep at it I love what ya got. 

YUS! We got more on the way. The Stylish one got further than before but we are not done yet in beating down these foul monsters and sending them to my buddy Grim. 

Happy to hear, and yes it happened at the end of my video, still a great game and I am a sucker for old school FPS games 

The Stylish One has found access with a new gaming world for the game grid. Unlocking this route to a new game is great. And I found a lot of fun in being in this PSone graphic styled world that I got to interact with. Even better was fighting against interesting looking zombies and interesting weapons. However it seems I broke the world of Dead Lanet as I wound up falling through the world. But I have to admit I had a blast. 

I have to say I got NO WHERE with this game, but I shall play it again and see how far I get. I am still confused on how combat works. 

I had to start this series. I enjoyed this game and can't wait to play the others. 

Woo Finally Did it, The full game and beat it. However i think the game glitched on me. Now on to Cursed 2

This was recommended to me by my viewers and so I had to try it out. only the first video till I beat it. 

This game is awesome, I didn't know it existed and I have to say I LOVE this game. I will need to keep trying to get better at this game however. 

Dead Against Us community · Created a new topic GREAT GAME!

Thank you for contacting me to play your game. I actually really enjoyed it and hope to see more interesting gameplay. 

Thanks my friend and its great to see such great development here. You got a gift and i hope that you get more recognition. You work hard and it should be known to many more. I have to thank you for getting back to me about the music. 

I shall check out your other games. Thanks again for reaching out. 

Thanks for reaching out David. This game is super good. I enjoyed it fully. I really want to see more of this and what else is lurking in the dark sea. 

L-L-LOVE the game. I just want more people to see it and play it. Anyway Love that I can just think up what happened in this game and give a theory.

This game was way more flushed out than I thought. BIG thank you to you for making it (LWMedia) and to those who said I should look more into it. 

It was a pleasure, I want to see where this story goes. :)

Thank you so much for making this game. I enjoyed it and I can't wait to play more. I wonder why the things have happened well happened. 

Thanks my friend for making a fun and pretty scary game to play. This had me on edge and I want to play more So I will be seeing you in the next ep. 

Indeed keep at it. 

Still going and I gotta say 616 you are good with the looks. This game though wasn't as good as your first 2. Bugs got me killed but hey still it's a great lot of games I want to see more. 

Again had to play more of this game. This is a masterpiece and I want to see more. I can't wait to play all the games in this series. 

Happy to have played the game, but also it's funny that Shaun was apart of this, I know him and he knows me lol. Still I liked this game it was a mature horror game. 

I wish I never played this game. Cause what else can top it now on how innovative it is. I want more. 

Thanks for the game my friend. I have only played 3 parts so far and so far enjoyed it. can't wait to finish this game but here is the first part. 

Thanks for making the game. It was weird but it was an experience lol. I hope you approve of my play and have a great day. 

I needed more SCP in my life so I played this game that featured this HORRIBLE creature.