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I would love to see more. 

This game was freaky yet well made and I loved the story. The WTF ending was icing on the cake that you don't see in horror games at all now a days. That twist was GOOOOOOOD anyway thanks for making such a great game. 

This game was pretty good. It was actually scary without it being jump scary which is ok a lil bit but too many rely on it. This game was terrifying. Can't wait to play this full game.

Any questions I may answer them in the video, so check it out for reactions and thoughts on the game. 

Awesome can't wait to see what you make. 

I have to say great game as it felt awesome. I would however like more indepth to the game but for a demo its great. I hope to see more and what you can do as a game creator. 

I have to say this game was different, I didn't expect it and I liked it massively. I am wanting to play more of it and actually learn how to play this game good job to the devs on this game 

Great game however the keys need to stand out. I nearly spent an hour looking for a keycard that was in a dark shadow behind a door. Lucky I cut it but wow way too long to just find a key. Anyway keep on crafting these games love it. 

I have to say its good to see you peeps again making this. I shall be posting a lot on the demos you have in this demo disk. Please keep up the great work. I am only showcasing Risu here to start. 

Ok another video by me. and MORE BUGS!!! why is this game on steam again? yea it can be a great game but things need changing in it badly in yandere mode.  I still have not beaten this mode for the good ending and its kicking my ass so much. Never had this problem with any game but this one xD 

Ok this game is really good however I think their needs to be more to it. I would like to see a game like this have an expansion. Still keep it up as i would love to see more. 

I think this is beautiful. I love it and I wanted to play this badly due to it being different from other horrors that I have played. we need more alien based horror.

Thanks so much for a good game wish it could be longer as I love RPG maker games of this style. Was a nice twist too with you being the monster as no other has done that to what I know of. 

Wow ok I am back playing the game once again but the bugs I ran into on yandere mode were game breaking. Just watch the video as I tried to get the good ending but continuously got my butt kicked by the bugs in this game. 

Thanks for putting up a fun game. I have to say it was pretty creepy yet it had funny moments so well done on this one my friend keep it up as i would like to see more. 

Aw thanks my friend. Let me know if you have any updates or anything new and I shall play it. 

Interesting game though I admit there was a few things that could be tweaked as seen in my gameplay demonstration. But you did capture a great setting and I want to see more of this keep on creating my friend. 


Not the first time I played the game but it is the first time playing the alpha 2.1 I have to say love the updates but I will say I found a bug you might want to address in yandere mode. The bug is actually in my video, not sure if its been reported yet or not. 

Ok great game, obviously PT inspired with the repeating. But I gotta say that jumpscare got me good I didn't expect it. This is what? the 2nd game I have played of yours? Anyway keep it up my friend its awesome. 

This is an awesome demo. stylishly approved by me. I have to say I wonder if you took inspiration from the polybius legend/myth as its eerie how similar the idea is to your games story. I would love to see more and play more of this. 

Of course as I would love to play this game again.

I liked it though it was stiff in some places and it took some getting used to finding everything. But hey I completed it. Happy to see you still creating games too keep on going my friend. 

Ok I must say this game is very unique I liked it because it was different . But I have to ask why a mooseman? haha anyway thank you for allowing me and others play your game. Keep on creating my friend I would like to see more. 

I liked what you made. I felt the resident evil and a hint of silent hill there. I hope to see an expansion of this as a series. Its well made and above all I had a blast playing it. Please keep on creating.  

Happy to and above all had fun thank you for letting myself and everyone play your game. 

This game surprised me how good it was. You hav realt talent my friend I really want to see what else you can do. Please keep on creating games. 

Great game, though it could use a fix here and there in some controls and animations but over all I loved what you made here. I can't wait to see more of this game and more you will be making please keep on creating and keep it stylish Jim. 

Geeze another trippy and strange game. I have to say what inspired this type of game. Please keep putting out this weird style you have. Its a fun and actually pretty creepy game to play. Keep up the great work and I can't wait for the next one. 

It was a pleasure. Keep putting things out like this and you will show how talented a game creator you are. 

Wow thank you for creating an awesome game. I had fun playing this and I have to say I want to see more with this game as in more story etc as its pretty unique. 

It was a great game and cool to know about the fix. Keep on creating my friend I really want to see what you can make as I shall be posting that for many to see to. 

I LOVED this game. very well made and it scared the crap out of me. The combat however I think kinda killed the scares a tiny bit but hey you have to blast a boss so it was good on that front. I have played your previous game before and loved that also. I can't wait to see what you make next and the story too. 

Gotta say it was strange and different I like that. I like the direction of technology being the 'monster' rather than ghosts or zombies or demons as to be honest thats getting old. Nice to see a fresh idea. Please expand on this as I loved the experience and would love to see more of this world to see more and to hear my reactions please see the video. 

I honestly can't wait to see more keep it up.

The Stylish ionprime has to say this game is great, this game MUST be played by anyone who loves games in general. Its well made and I want to see a full game of this as I believe this is easily qualified as a Great Game. I hope to see this game fully done as I want to play the full story. Plus keep on creating my friends you have super great potential. 

Nice to hear and thank you for replying back. I can't wait to see what you come up with next

This game is GREAT! thank you for making such an interesting game. I really want to see more and this game is fun and addicting to play. Anyway My video shows my experience and thoughts on the game if you wish to see it. Again though keep on creating I want to see more games from you peeps.

I have to say wow what a ride. I love it. Though I think the game could use a bit more brightness as half the time I couldn't see anything. Again I can't wait to see what other projects you come up with, this game is a real treat so please keep on creating my friend. If you want to see my thoughts and reactions check out the video. 

This was fun to play if not a head scratcher. I have to say I love the cheeseyness of it. please keep it up but could we have a bit more gameplay involved? 

Thank you for putting out an interesting game. I love these psx style horror games as they are pretty creative and your demo does not disappoint. I can't wait to see what else you put into the game and why things are so silent hill like in Ollie's Farm. Keep on crating!!!


I want to say thank you for placing this game out. It's a solid looking game, controls nicely and I want to see what you can do when refining this. Really keep going I want to see what you will create so please keep on creating.