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I'm not exactly sure what this is...

But the grass looks nice :}

Oh man, the animation of the plant is so satisfying for some reason - good job!

I don't have any criticisms.

Nice sound design.

The percentage text should be a different colour.

Kinda frustrating that I can't make it to the other side of the screen on time.

It was confusing at the start, whether I was the cloud or the flower.

Overall I enjoyed though! Reminds me of Tamagotchi for some strange reason.

Probably my favourite submission so far.

(also, another person who uses GameMaker :))

I would have liked to have known which way the healthbars were supposed to be aligned.

Interesting little game. I would like a 'play again' button, as well as a way to see the current health of all items. Interesting imagination you have :)

Hi - The graphics look good, but I have no idea what the controls are.

Could you please explain?

Interesting take on the genre. I would have liked if the flowers fell faster as time goes on. I would also have liked for the hit detection to be at the bottom of the flowerpot instead of the sides.

Addictive, and more kudos to you for making this for Pico-8!


Can't wait for the release.

A new take on a classic formula.

I have some suggestions:

- Why do the aliens phase through the ground but the player cannot? Surely they should loop back to the mothership for another run.

- Perhaps have a row of 3 sound effects than just one. The effect of hitting an enemy can be quite jarring.

I enjoyed the simple fun of this title. Good job!

A very *interesting* experience, to say for sure.

The sound effects were delightfully weird and squelshy, and the graphics were on point. The low-res added to the charm.

The difficulty was well-balanced.

Cool transition effect, too!

I enjoyed this.

Nice clean, simple graphics.

I found the cooldowns a little too much, but that is just me.

The graphics for the enemies feel a bit flat (dimensionally) to me and could do with a bit more shading, but overall I enjoyed the graphics.

The enemies could have done with some animation for jumping onto the main platform, rather than the peculiar gliding they seem to do.

Overall, this is a good simple game!