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I'm not exactly sure what this is...

But the grass looks nice :}

Oh man, the animation of the plant is so satisfying for some reason - good job!

I don't have any criticisms.

Nice sound design.

The percentage text should be a different colour.

Kinda frustrating that I can't make it to the other side of the screen on time.

It was confusing at the start, whether I was the cloud or the flower.

Overall I enjoyed though! Reminds me of Tamagotchi for some strange reason.

Probably my favourite submission so far.

(also, another person who uses GameMaker :))

I would have liked to have known which way the healthbars were supposed to be aligned.

Interesting little game. I would like a 'play again' button, as well as a way to see the current health of all items. Interesting imagination you have :)

Hi - The graphics look good, but I have no idea what the controls are.

Could you please explain?

Interesting take on the genre. I would have liked if the flowers fell faster as time goes on. I would also have liked for the hit detection to be at the bottom of the flowerpot instead of the sides.

Cool game. I would have liked to see controls at the beginning, and the hitboxes seem a bit off, but nice graphics!

Addictive, and more kudos to you for making this for Pico-8!


Can't wait for the release.

A new take on a classic formula.

I have some suggestions:

- Why do the aliens phase through the ground but the player cannot? Surely they should loop back to the mothership for another run.

- Perhaps have a row of 3 sound effects than just one. The effect of hitting an enemy can be quite jarring.

I enjoyed the simple fun of this title. Good job!

A very *interesting* experience, to say for sure.

The sound effects were delightfully weird and squelshy, and the graphics were on point. The low-res added to the charm.

The difficulty was well-balanced.

Cool transition effect, too!

I enjoyed this.

Nice clean, simple graphics.

I found the cooldowns a little too much, but that is just me.

The graphics for the enemies feel a bit flat (dimensionally) to me and could do with a bit more shading, but overall I enjoyed the graphics.

The enemies could have done with some animation for jumping onto the main platform, rather than the peculiar gliding they seem to do.

Overall, this is a good simple game!