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This game was alot of fun, I did collect the rest of da fishies after I stopped recording ofc and super adorable and really wholesome game you have made here! Made me think of Animal Crossing so keep it all up!

I saw your game played by another streamer and decided to take it up! It is super cute and relatable.

This game was alot of fun despite me not finishing it on video but lots of speedrun potential. It has some flaws but that just makes it more fun (at least for me) and you've done so nice work here! Keep it all up man!

This game is super duper fun and very cute! Good job on making it I'm hoping to see you in pretty colors next time I see you!!!

This game really is super fun and I'm gonna play the next one soon! EverGreen Music remix the soundtrack super well and the graphics are amazing...and the memes )_) oh my god you guys are just something else ^^;
9/10 game cause sometimes I grab agro from enemies who I cant even see yet and uh mostly in the real world sections they can shoot through the barricades and sometimes the trees but other than that Nice!!


Don't you just love the sound of a guy talking about you while you're tryna sleep? :3

So some complaints but its the point of a demake so no real problems other than the common thing I see is a windowed mode? At the beginning I had trouble setting it up for OBS as every time i tried to move it around or to get it to my other screen I couldn't do it unless I started the opening cutscene first then going back to the title screen to move it.  (Also couldn't get controller to work but eh)

But despite that! This is a fun Demake of the game so far and I had a lovely interaction with the lost hunter instead of my typical fatty with a swinging blade. I love/hate the new layout of the game as my brain is constantly fighting to say "But we go this way!" and its like nahhh locked XD I love that the Troll breaks down the door as that was a very scary surprise for me and uhhhh dogs and crows are annoying as always :3 I love the idea of looking for insights to unlock other parts of the hunters dream (curious as to whats behind the 7 insight door >:3) and I look forward to finishing this on my channel! Hoping for more updates on the way and love the work you've done here!