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شكراً سارة على ملاحظاتك وسعيد بأن اللعبة أعجبتك!

 سرعة العدو متغير جربت عليه قيم مختلفة بس حسيت الوضع الحالي يزيد من متعة وصعوبة اللعبة في نفس الوقت.

 فعلاً إضافة مؤثرات صوتية وكمان مرئية حيحلي اللعبة بس ما كان فيه وقت لاختيار أصوات مناسبة للاسف :)

Yes, that was fun. Good job!

A really thoughtful game! Cool sprites and lovely sounds!

The idea is really good but I feel like it needs some additional features/mechanics to avoid having the random choices control the fun factor for players. As a player, I need to feel in control of my own fate rather than be at the mercy of pure luck. Would love to play the next version!

Best of luck!

Cool game! the level design is excellent and the original drawings definitely added value to the game. I think the theme is lined up with the game. Well done!

Good game. I completed it in 77 seconds!

Sounds are decent and art style is excellent. Well done!

Interesting choice of engine. I am always pleased to see more gamedev tools written in python :)

I liked the game but it's very short and with no real ending I think. Anyhow, I feel it has the potential to become a great graphic novel/game given that the writing was very good.

I would love to play an enhanced version if there is a plan to finish the game!

Thanks Hosani! Congratulations on finishing the game :D

I get your point. I had in mind lots of level ideas but that would make the game size very big by adding more levels and due to the time limitation I made the choices as you saw in the game.

However, I am currently working on expanding the game and improving the AI of the enemies to improve the stealth side of the game!

Thanks for the valuable feedback Seifeddine!

Sorry that you couldn't play ESCape. I actually launched a browser version before the deadline but it wasn't working as should be so I removed it because the intended experience would not be delivered. 

As this was my first time working on Unreal Engine for a jam game, I thought packaging for Mac and Linux was as simple as Unity but unfortunately that wasn't the case.

Anyhow, once I make a Mac OS version, I will for sure send you the zip file as your feedback is valuable. 

Thanks for your positive words Danar!

Happy to know that Amine.


Glad to hear that! Thanks

Take advantage of the flashing paths and it won't be :)


Controlling the mouse input can have some improvement. For some reason, the game crashes when I pick the "what's going on?" choice and then press tab.

Overall, the game has a unique horror atmosphere that made it one of the best games of this gamezanga for me. Powerful visuals and sounds. Good job!

Really good soundtrack and low poly design.

Got stuck in the last level where you have three poles but then managed to do finish it.

Enjoyed the idea of collaboration.

Thank you Adey. 20+ is quite a good number :)

Glad that you liked it!

Cool game! Thanks for making it!

I tried it with an XboxOne controller and it worked okay but the domino never stops moving even when I stop directing the analog.