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hey this little game ruled! I'm new to Godot and I was able to figure some basic things out looking at your minimalist code that I couldn't from more complicated demos and fancy tutorials and online courses. the print functions made it easy to understand playing in the editor.

it was fun, too! I actually beat it (although I did change the Lose function to not kick you back a level, because that's just mean).

anyway, very cool little minimalist platformer!

"typing games" (Interactive Fiction) have better, more robust parsers than this that are more intuitive to. I've played IF games that engaged and scared me more than this, and they literally did not have graphics or music.

I utterly hated that the text adventure parser in this did not follow the standard zmachine parser rules for things like 'x self', 'go out', 'i/inv' and so on. These conventions exist so that people don't have a miserable time with IF games because they're struggling with an obtuse parser.

I felt like I was wrestling with the stupid parser rather than being immersed in the spookiness. And there's impressive spookiness on display here! The premise is actually really cool and the ending could have been really chilling, but playing with a walkthrough open through a sheen of frustration destroyed any chance for me to be immersed even with the pitch perfect audio and visuals. Really impressive production values and polish but this one thing ruined it for me.

Also where was I supposed to get the code 1986 from, besides the aforementioned walkthrough?

hey I don't see a .psd file in the zip when i download this, just a png file without layers and another unfamiliar file type (.kra)

cool story, bro

That elevator has been a perennial hive of bugs. Pretty sure I've fixed that particular one in the seven months since the teaser came out. IIRC there's a save point right in the next hall if you head  "South" (down) and then "East" (right).

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Thanks for reaching out!

Well, I was aiming for maximum scary. The gore is taken to the furthest extreme possible WITHIN the pixel art style and scale the game is using. Like, this image is as bad as it gets, probably:

(Ordinarily I'd have spoilered this behind a TW but I don't think itch has spoiler tags.)

There aren't, for instance, scare screens where you see the same thing but in a more realistic style/at a much higher zoom and resolution.

I think jump scares are used in relative moderation. There are definitely a few in there, but it's not the main way I was looking to scare players, I was more focused on creating a holistically disturbing atmosphere and narrative. All of this is REALLY subjective though, and I do know I'm a bit of a gorehound into some pretty extreme stuff myself.

I'd say check out the Playable Teaser and if you can handle that, I'd say there's nothing *much* worse in the full game as it exists at this point.

Awesome, I wound up needing this as well.

Like I said, my entry will be a video game I just wanted to ask.

Hey, so it's my intent to submit a video game to this (a WIP that is unfinished and will hopefully be at least kind of almost finished by the time the jam's over, God-willing) but since the TTRPG community on here is pretty big I figured I'd ask this as a minor public service. Are tabletop RPGs allowed for this if they meet the other criteria? I'd assumed the answer is no because TTRPGs have a different relationship to narratives than most video games (video games can tell their own stories, TTRPGs as a rule provide a framework for you to create your own stories) but I thought it'd be good to ask!


o cool, thanks! glad I asked

Just checking to make sure that my understanding that physical games, namely TTRPGs (I mean, no one can print things in 3 days so obviously the 'end product' for the purposes of this jam will be a PDF) aren't allowed for this is correct. Thanks!

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I have played only like ten minutes of this but holy shit do I feel personally attacked lmao.

Why on Earth would you make this in RPG Maker and not an engine better suited to this kind of game? It couldn't be that like me you are way, way, way too absurdly proficient with that specific game engine and nothing else?

Not doing exhaustive spoilers RN but at least one of the key features is revealed as an outright lie less than five minutes into the game. I will give this more time and feedback later because I'm very intrigued, but the last thing I wanted to say is that whenever I hear any of the default RTP sound effects it detracts rom the game's otherwise stellar job of establishing a certain mood. This is probably just a me thing though, as I have been hearing some of these sound effects for literally 20 years.

just trying this now, it's very cool, but why not enable support for the analogue stick on gamepads? very hard to remember to use the d-pad instead since 99% of games now let you use the left stick. 


that experience is provided in 999/1000 video games, though. I think the creative eco-system in this medium needs stories where you have to choose between distinct but bad outcomes

this game rocks. I got the sympathize => sympathize => sympathize => sympathize ending because I'm an unruly anarchist boyee who doesn't like doing what he's told. from my perspective not having seen any of the other endings that's the "good end" but I'll probably replay it some time to check out the other ending(s). I also want to leave a full review for this when I have the excess time and energy because there's a lot to talk about. I leave y'all with some Clutch.

"peace keeping agents from several futures
they got a warrant out, some Judge's letter
what it is I'm going to do I haven't done
they've got their probabilities
but I've got something much better"

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this is REALLY quite the impressive game, the visual polish and high quality sound design are incredible. this could easily be mistaken for the AAA first person games of yesteryear, and it was made by one freakin' dude.


it is about 15-20 minutes long.  don't let yourself be bothered by the vibes the game is putting off around the 12 minute mark like you're just getting started exploring the hotel, because you are actually already at the ending's precipice.

To be frank, I was really not a big fan of the ending where you just kinda take yourself out like the trash. In horror, I like playing doomed characters that are passionate about surviving, nevermind how doomed they are. Jill Valentine desperately wants not to be a sandwich, Harry Mason is fighting this impossible nightmare to look for his daughter, James Sunderland is both doomed and already in hell (what a combo) but this is shit he has to grapple with for the entirety of the game, his coming to terms with it in fact makes up most of the game. In this you refuse to walk let alone run away from an obviously haunted  house, obligingly slow-walk through numerous jump scares to the designated murder room, where there is a chute filled with sacked bodies and to finish the game you literally need to throw yourself down the murderchute, which it seems goes without saying leads directly to hell, the only thing that would make sense. There is something about the idea of the player avatar in this game just resignedly throwing herself down the corpse chute because it's the only way to make the nightmare stop is more sad than it is scary.

I know that you say it can be completed in 20-30 minutes, but please consider adding a save/load feature. Plenty of people for various reasons play games in smaller chunks than that. If you won't do that, you should at least have the game warn you when you go to quit that your progress will not be saved at all and you will have to start over from the very beginning.

I really enjoyed the first ten minutes of this, I'm going to enjoy them a lot less the second time if I get back around to it at all.

did you make sure your flashlight is on through the inventory? If it's on, I recommend you increase your screen's brightness. Lastly, not sure if this will help, but this is the route you need to take to get out of the vents 

incredibly slick production values, very impressive stuff

thank you for the support, it is much appreciated

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I'll be honest, there is a very tempting 'Ban..' button under each of your posts, but I haven't touched it because I've had a rough week and I find your ongoing idiocy  amusing. Please do carry on making an absolute clown of yourself.

"Communist/socialist/nazi witchcraft has deceived and killed multiple millions."

nuh-uh. Nazi witchcraft is plainly bad--I've killed enough imaginary undead Nazis to know that--but communist/socialist witchcraft is the cool and good kind lmao.

"Wake up. Don't be woke!"

this is you reaching your personal peak of coherency... or did you honestly think this was clever, like, does this qualify to you as a witticism?

"And Biblical history is true history that has been proven."

I'd say 'citation needed' but the statement isn't even coherent enough to warrant that. What the fuck does any part of this statement actually fucking mean my guy?

"Hitler hated Christianity and that was his main ideology focus. He admitted that many times. "

Citation very, very badly needed mon frere. Hitler mainly hated Christianity so much he murdered six million Jews? Interesting theory...what was his master plan there? 


also also

or maybe you want to come out and actually deny the holocaust? because then I'm pretty sure itch will rightly step in and swing the ban hammer for me and it'll be site wide.

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ok, actually played, diggin' the vibe so far, runs smoothly, some of the art is pretty fugly but in a way that I think actually helps, not detracts from, the games' overall vibe. gameplay reminds me a bit of 'zombies ate my neighbors'.

my much more substantive critique? needs more weapons. mask gun is cute, but if we're going to be facing hordes of magats, we need an arsenal to do it with, not just the mask gun and slow and underwhelming bricks

edit: ok, well into the (second??? not sure what order if any they're meant to be played in) level I found some twisted tea (lol) and some molotovs so I can cook some bacon but this stuff needs to be frontloaded. also what's an antifa riot power fantasy w/o looting? add more weapons to the levels, but make the player loot shit to get them, like use bricks to smash the windows between you and the weapons-that-are-better-than-bricks 

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haven't even gotten to the gameplay yet but it's unsettling how perfectly the content of the opening text crawl--which is literally just stating true things that actually happened in real life--perfectly fits the energy and vibe of fungible early 90s SNES beat 'em up titles, all set in their own (different and sometimes weirder) dystopian versions of the early 21st century


this is barely clockable as an RPG maker game (this is meant as a complement)

hi, are there any plans for controller/gamepad support for this? 

I can play most games with keyboard & mouse or gamepad if I have to but I really only like to play side scrollers/platformers with a gamepad, keyboard feels very wrong to me for this genre (or maybe I just suck at playing side scrollers/platformers with keyboard/mouse, same thing really).

" The real definition of fascism is anything which is anti-Christian, anti-conservative and anti-American, as it stands in the facts of the true Republic."


"When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross." - Sinclair Lewis, probably, although apparently it's complicated to source who actually said this. But the point is that fascism can, has, and will again cloak itself in the trappings of American patriotism. This is, in fact, the entire MAGA phenomenon in a nutshell.

"ANYTHING that is socialist/communist/nazi/LGBTQ+IA is 100 percent fascist and evil."

Again, this is literally no one's definition of fascism, except I guess yours, and even then I think you are at best confused. Fascism is 'palingenetic ultranationalism' as Roger Griffin has it. A more in-depth definition that I have a reasonably good understanding of, and agree with, is this one by Umberto Eco.  

Words do, in fact, have meanings, it is not subjective. And because I sense it probably matters to you, please keep in mind, Roger Griffin and Umberto Eco were old white male scholars, not idk, nonbinary gender-fluid BIPOC zoomer Cultural Marxists.

" It is not being a bigot to reject sexual immorality, those who try to change and delete real history, and Biblical and real science facts. period."

Nothing in the bible is a "fact" in the sense that say, gravity, or the earth being round, is a fact. When you talk about "deleting real history", the thing that comes to my mind is holocaust denial.

this game is so fucking cool (more feedback later, probably)

I'm enjoying the heck out of this (picked it up in the Ukraine bundle) and I found the premise adorable. Did notice a bug with my very first play through, though. The party I picked at random was Husky, Corgi, Pug, when my Husky and Corgi were defeated their health icons changed to Pug (0), which is a cosmetic bug and so no big deal. However, after soldiering on for a few levels more with my lone pug, I was fighting the second boss when I finally lost my last hp and I didn't get the game over I should have. It just made a ping sound and then respawned me with 1 hp. This happened over and over again and I quit playing because if defeat is impossible then victory is meaningless!

Feels like a mash-up of NES classics like Ghosts 'n Goblins and Silver Surfer (and the Zelda influence in the graphics is hard to miss) but much more forgiving than either and thus more fun. Love that dog music!

(A long time ago and under a different name I made what could be the direct turn-based RPG equivalent of this game. It is much wordier, and equally but differently silly. You might like it. It's free.)

Can't think of anything to put in the body that the subject doesn't cover. It would be a remake of (a specific edition of) a TTRPG, obviously.


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Hi Nico,

Thank you for the feedback. The "Make Germany Great Again" art as commissioned was deliberately crass and unsubtle. I am aware (moreso now than when the creative decision was made) that it might come off as "cringe" (a word we didn't use as universally to describe anything and everything bad even the short three years ago when this game was made) but you are very correct in identifying it as a deliberate creative decision. Extreme unsubtlety was very much the point.

I did not realize I had typo'd Kristallnacht here on, how embarrassing! Thank you for pointing out the typo! I wish someone had pointed it out when I first uploaded this to itch, but better late than never I suppose. I went in and fixed my typo.

I am not sure if you have purchased and/or read the actual game, but the Kristallnacht chapter alone is 35 pages long. I am quite proud of the research I did during this game's development and crowdfunding, it wasn't comprehensive or exhaustive but I think it was substantial. If you have not actually read the game, it occurs to me that you are reading far too much into an actual typo I literally didn't know about until just now.

excellent, and thank you!

did I make it in? I subbed back on March 4th, I didn't receive any kind of message or notification. oh well, I bought this bundle not even knowing it was the one I'd subbed my game to, so I guess I'm still going through the 34 pages of games in it and if I find mine, yay?