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Thanks for your kind words and that inclusion as one of your GOTY 2017, that's pure fuel for our team!  We are currently working on Effie, a more conventional game for PS4/PC  but we really want to work and improve the Wake Up formula in the future. Was a gamejam experiment and player feedback was awesome.

Thanks :) We'll keep working!

Thank you so much! We also really love the final result! :)

@andyman404 Thank you :D And congratulations for been highlighted on Kotaku's article about the Resist Jam!

We are pretty happy with the game and a lot of people seems interested in the idea. Maybe one of our future projects is new game with this kind of gameplay.

Our original idea was a game with multiple endings depending of your choices (rebel ending, don't rebel ending, neutral ending), but sadly with only 48h of development we choose to work only with the rebel ending for the game jam theme. Maybe in a future version.

Thanks for all your kind comments :D