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Hi dear friend

If you could add the police to the game in the next version, so that when we kill someone, they will say and chase us, and an interesting chase will be created.

I can help you for modeling

I couldn't find a way to contact you, but my name in Discord is amirmaxi and you could send me a message to talk.

I applied to you in Discord and my name is Amir Maxi

please accept

this is my phone . i try game by another phone″Honor″ but crashed

Hello,I tested the new version for PC and it was great. But for mobile, it doesn't go past this white screen, then the Unity logo stays the same

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If you can give me an ID or email or create the discord channel because I want to present you something.

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It's a very good game, if you can give me an email or a Discord ID, I can contact you, I have a tell you something

ok , thank you

Hello, if you can give me your ID or email, I will work with you

Please re-upload the mobile version or the update or the original one because it doesn't work on any phone

Look, I've been trying to install it for some time now, but it won't install at all. If you can upload the mobile version again, I really like this game.

It cannot be installed on mobile

Hello , this version still has bugs, such as it is heavy on some phones, if you can the first graphics Performance to open better  

And if you can, you can output the game with the release signature, because debugging will cause some problems 

Exactly, my problem is the same. It says this package does not exist.

Please upload game with .exe 

Hi brother

The Android version is debugged and may not work on some phones

It is suggested to fix it

And the game is very good