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is there any form of cheats for this game? like a console?

data reset or a rebirth function

make sense i suppose, thanks for the answer

alright thanks a bunch

anyone know what the time changer cheat does? i dont see any extra prompts relating to time changing

any plans to add a male/female option? doesnt have to be a steve and alex swap unless you think it would fit better

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im genuinely in love with whoever voiced shay-ki who did it exactly?

loading save files dont work and crash the game.

Im going to assume either you didnt look at the image or you guys have a bot

Such an epic game

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So apparently it updated late, haven't played the game in a while and noticed the version changed today. Can't wait to see the game progress.

Does the game have a cheat menu?

I've enabled light mode

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he kinda thick tho

didn't really want to do that because it would delete my existing data along with it

Is 2.8 Android comp? It won't let me update the game.

How do I use the time shift cheat?

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im literally to stupid to finish level 5

the mix on impatience and stupidity lead me to not finding it. Ty it's abundantly obvious where it is

Speaking from morbid curiosity but is there a cheat menu I find myself wondering this on all games similar to this don't mind if there isn't tho.

This game hurts my tiny smooth brain

I'm so proud

This game makes me question my existence


is there no full screen mode? for the web version of the game

skill issue

he must really not want the guy to not get free pizza

im getting i am bread rage flashbacks rn

Nevermind im not sure why it was nit working before

Does this work with quest 2?