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Invadr Nym

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hey been awhile since i covered your game on my channel any news on part 3?

an amazing dev and a well awaited for demo the art the music everything was perfect the story is super interesting and im hungry for more
best demo 2020? you got my vote

can't wait to play keep up the awesome work 

cant wait to play again i love it any other projects coming?

just did a video on this loved the game lots of fun :)

Cant wait to play after I beat the first one and mine it of all it secrets of course

I've been playing this game and it has been the most fun I've had in a long time the world they have created has been a wonderful trip and I cant wait to explore and discover more about the characters and their deep and interesting stories definitely a 5 out 0f 5 star game keep up the good work buddy ~invadr nym~

i just did a gameplay video of the game a full run and it was alot of fun i really enjoyed the game and hope you were able to finsih your next game or at least am working on it heres a link

markiplier played this game just incase you didnt know yet