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PD: I was over the moon when I saw so many possibilities in the design part! it has so much potencial <3 

I loved it!! He was so adorable c':  Is refreshing to see problems actually portraited as well as shitty things that are seen as romantic in other games or media, to be adressed. I  had fun with the protagonist, and it was overall cute and belivable. And I also love the stars c; 

Hey but I got an error when I finished the epilogue in the credits. When I get out and load is obviously the save before I finished the normal epilogue :s So its like if I haven't read it.

OMG!!! That's exactly on my birthday <33

I loved this game so much that I think is my favourite otome game, just for the characters, the plot the lenght and how well made is all done. The art could be better but you get used to it and it doesn't bother too much. 
PD: put the price higher because is worth it c;

I couldn't play this game because it is so hard to me to read the text, it's because the color on the textbox and the text are too similar so I have to make a real effort in order to read one would be better if the contourn of the letters is a coloured by a darker pink.