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Bro really like this game so much, loved the Yandere vibe. Please when u release the final version make a ending where the MC saves the Yandere girl and they live together in happinesssssss

Loved the variety of endings this game has! The jumpscare was also quite terrifying. I had a blast playing this game. Amazing work!

I just can't describe the feeling of discomfort I felt while playing this game. You my sir have done a great job. 10/10

This was short but i like the concept. Played it in a 2 random horror game series. Check it out 


I started my channel with horror games and this was one I played. It made me want to play more! Great game!

This was really well made and very interesting to play

Nice, quick game, audio is loud suggest maybe fine tuning to your specifications, there is no settings  button otherwise fun and scary I hate being chased!

I love this game, it confused me, it made me dizzy. But I loved it, keep up the good work.

Really Beautiful atmospheric walking experiment, I hope to play these types of games soon. I wished if the game was longer.

Made a gameplay video 

Another one of your games impresses me! Might just be my favorite horror game creator!!!

I won’t EVER be able to sleep again after this game! | Wrong Floor

Such an amazing short gameplay loved it

An eerie and creepy adventure game! Enjoyed it!

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I really like Japanese VHS school horror games

Liked your game. You have chosen the truth as a topic for the game, capable of fraying nerves. And music is generally the dump of everything. Good luck in future projects.

This was cool to play. Great story and things moved slowly to keep the player guessing and wondering what was going to happen. Nice game.

Wow, what a great game. Loved the art, the music, loved everything about this game!! It's fun. Nice work! :)

There is not much I'm more scared of than monsters that move when you're not looking. What a creepy dude. At the same time the game was light and funny because of the ducks. Not bad DEMO, curious to see how a fell game of it would be.

This was really creepy cant wait to see full game

I really enjoyed it!, Look forward to playing your other projects!

I loved playing this game. The retro style graphics and the atmosphere of the game were good. The jumpscares really got me too.

Another one of your games impresses me! Might just be my favorite horror game creator!!!

Hello, I saw this game and gave it a try. This was pretty short and I am not to turned down by the game. It's actualy a quick and fun play.

The concept and mechanic in this game actually interesting. Though ghost are not some hideous creature, it still give me spook when it suddenly appear! Continue making games man!! 

Interesting look forward to more.

Played your game and I liked it a lot. Love the art style and the atmosphere that came with it and the monster model looks pretty scary lol. Down to see other projects as well and keep up the good work!!!

it was a game with a pretty good idea! The last ARG is really shocking to me personally haha.. anyway.. It was quite fun! 

Very well made game. I liked all the diff endings. pretty good! keep it up man

Nice game made a video

Well its good game, but missing a lot.

Such an amazing game, the characters are soo good. Looking forward for the future development of this game.

Amazing game, love the art style and concept. I had a bit of issue with the mouse suddenly jolting and some area being too dark like the moving in vent. Other than that this game was really interesting to play and I really enjoyed it. 

I made a video please check it out and support my channel.

Amazing game, love the Yandere type girl. Looking forward to see more of the game development.

Really Good Game, wish there was more action but the game is good and has the stalking vibe. Made a video timeline 0:0

This is really amazing game, but wished if the ending was bit good, but the jumpscare was on the spot. Made a video Time line 12:07

This game is really good, the feeling of whether you locked your door or closed the window is like something that I always do. Made a video at timeline 5:19

Really amazing game, love the backroom liminal vibes. Made a video

Nice game made a video check it out

This game is really amazing, love the yandere Mita, literally fell in love with her character. This game has a lot of potential, looking forward to play the full version. Full support for the developer.

Made a  YT gameplay video please check it out and support my channel. Thankyou