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As I said its about the characters not how they look. It could have been just a text story and I still would have enjoyed it exactly the same.

I think that speaks wonders for your story writing skills. 

As for the "you should feel that you’re living a story, putting yourself literally in the shoes of the MC… not simply “playing a game”" 


For this part I would say the main part was where I had to choose between reiko and the science club and since irl i am my chess teams leader I felt that I could live myself into it via picturing chess vs one of my best friends etc. 

And that really gave me like the feeling of just the great way of how a visual novel should be giving you some feel for the characters. And thats nice! 

My sentences probably dont make much sense heh. Not because I cant structure my sentences or anything its just I enjoy being unpredictable with my speech. 

RIGHT !? .... right? ... T-T crying intensifies.. 

Moving on from my rather eccentric ways. 

All in all I enjoyed it(Its probably obvious but meh why not say it again?) 

And if you wanna talk about rather anything im open to chat on multiple social media all though it might take me a lil bit to get to them or it'll be really fast reply or slow considering I'm not much on social xP


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I'll be waiting happily for the 1.54 eng update for android. 

Have a nice day ^-^

Edit: I felt that my reply for a game this enjoyable is rather lacking so let me just go drink a coffee real quick to get the brain juice going eh? 


I'm back 0-0

Now where was I? Oh yeah. 

So I liked the music it fit rather well in with the story and I'll be honest, the characters dont look the best but to me its light years better than what I can do so I wont discriminate against it.

The story telling is AMAZING *-* Like I cant actually say anything else you have to play the game for the reaction. 

The dialogue between characters were the best out of everything. (For me that is) 

Some made me laugh, some made me curious and others just had a of everything. 

So while I wait I'll be keeping tabs on the game. 

Plus I would day for the android the bottom right corner stuff like "back,save,Q-save" and etc. 

Did not work I had to use the phone's back arrow to go back dialogue and I had to hold it in if I wanted to go into the menu. 

Dont know if it was intentional or not xP

Fast reply? Where did you come from? 

What sorcery is this?

Now while downloading a thousand lies I find this?

Cool Im so downloading this as well.

Ya know I havent even played the game or bought it but just seeing you reply to people with such a good personality makes me respect you and even willing to go get some money to buy the game.

XD random comment but come on someone has to be the random one right? RIGHT!? RRRRIIIIIGGGGGHHHHHTTTTT!!???


Ok I might be reminding myself of deadpool to much.

Ah good to know. 

But man I finished the story and honestly I went with julia first for obvious reasons then kayem and then Charlotte.

Charlotte I was very surprised even though I expected it later on. 

But all in all just give me a update on the game and I'll come run it again xD

But allas I talk to much so see ya a round 

Alrighty then. Played most of the parts and so far I enjoy it. 

Just a question anything on eileen? Is there any CG for her or any paths as of right now?

Just giving you some feed back the top left:  date , time and person isnt perfectly adjusted.

And there seems to be no sound. (Ill make a check up on this if need be)

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Well I'm busy downloading the only other link v7a. So I'll let you know if it works.

2.7gb of data probably used xD but it seems to be a good game that had allot of time spent on it so I'll give it a shot.

Edit: Ok I might be a idiot xDD 

V7a works I didnt really know what the apk's were only learned it like today while searching other visual novels. So I suppose it works. 

And btw thanks for a fast reply. 

I appreciate that.^-^

Hello I tried the android links and they didnt want to work. ( links) 

I have yet to try the links on mega.

Must I download all the andriod files? 

2 of the files for android didnt work so just a heads up on that.