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Definitely worth giving this demo a try - the puzzle elements are logical (something that's often lacking from these sorts of games) and the constant threat of the enemy keeps it from being too easy to solve. Really hope to see this develop into a full version as the basic premise and gameplay is a solid start

In 2016 it's difficult to truly "shock" and/or emotionally "move" an audience in any form of entertainment. The creators of this game have done an amazing job at doing just that and I can't applaud this enough. I was driven through a rollercoaster of emotions throughout my gameplay and felt genuine feelings throughout, something I don't experience very often. Standing ovation for a solid effort and can't wait to see what the future holds for Sara Is Missing.

Fantastic game! Completely random concept which makes it stand out from the "crowd" - definitely not your typical shooter style of game... really highly recommend trying it out for yourself, feel free to join me for my miserable and horrifying effort below :)

It's hilarious - random - and unique... an amazing effort with a very high replay value... all around a great game and I found my perfect match! Cheers team lazerbeam!

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This is how you make an atmospheric horror experience! The jump scares are very well paced and spread apart, the music box adds a unique dimension to the adventure game "find X" aspect of the game... very well done. The story is quite open ended and up for lots of discussion with many ways to branch and expand for future developments... Overall a great job!

For some gameplay without an ending spoiler - check out my thoughts and experience below.

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This is a really well developed interactive story that was very engaging from start to finish. It also placed some moral "what if's" in front of you and really dragged you into the character as you pondered your next steps.

Great game, but I made all the wrong choices! haha. A big **cheers** to the dev(s) for a top job - feel free to share in my experience below.