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A member registered Jun 23, 2017

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I'm using the app to download the things... I'm not seeing the items I thought I would download. Is that the problem?

I'm having trouble downloading your RTF files for both your SRD files... what's going on?

Thanks for the heads up. :)

I have a question. I'm looking at the plugin files, and I see that there's a .map file in there. What's that supposed to be for, anyway?

Okay, problem solved... yes, the browser saved my bacon here.

Let me try that, then, before I see if it works as intended.

I'm looking to download GMTiled, but it says it's not available for Windows, even though the screenshot shows it's a Windows program.

If it helps matters, I am using the desktop app for looking up the program, so...

Thanks, Echo. I'll be sure to message you when I upload it, so that you can see what needs to be fixed from a story teller's perspective... alright?

As far as my idea of making a Let's Play series, I take that back... instead, do you mind if I write a fanfic of your game(s)? I mean, I was thinking of doing a novelization, if that was alright with you.

Thanks in advance. :)

Thanks for understanding, Echo. Also, I'm glad I could be of some help to you.

Also, thanks for releasing your game, since it made a nice early birthday present to myself (I'm probably three years older than you as of October 22nd). I hope that you get to enjoy your life as a game dev as much as possible.

...speaking of the game, do you mind if I do a Let's Play series on this, or is your Let's Play on your YouTube channel good enough for you?

At present, I am checking the error message that you shared with me. However, I have to admit that the options menu was accessible after I tried playing another time. I honestly don't get why that's the case.

...*ahem* Anyway, I believe that was the error, though I didn't take any additional steps. Sorry if this has been unhelpful.

Echo, I have a problem that I felt I should report to you, regarding the Options menu... namely, when I tried to access it from the title menu, it wouldn't load anything other than an error message... namely a TypeError message. Could you look into this for us players who might want to know how we can modify the game options? Thank you. :)