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@Jupiter_Hadley, thank you so much for featuring us!  I'm a fan of your channel.  Wish we would have saved more time to polish the game :)

I would have never guessed I would enjoy a game like this, but I couldn't stop playing it.

I only get a black screen when I run the application :(

I liked the music.

@RaichuMindz, is there a problem with the file? or no download link appears?

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thanks for playing! you can hold 'Z' to use that ability

Neat concept

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You're right, I misunderstood :)  Choosing one from any of those four sounds great!

Ludum Dare has successfully used multiple themes in the past.  example

I suggest offering one of the original options along with one of the narrower ones since it's short notice?

Again, I agree that the palette itself is limited enough, but some prefer a narrower scope.

I think the palette alone is limited enough honestly. If we all up using the same setting, that reduces variation between games. Maybe a mashup of the 4 theme options? Take a character from one and place them in another? Think 'cowboys vs aliens'. Just my 2 cents :)