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That's exclusive to the mobile port

How do I full screen properly when recording?

Also can someone tell me the Aspect Ratio?

Here's the final batch of Die In The Dungeon Screenshots I need to get rid of








Here's more images I need to get rid of

February 19 2023


February 21 2023

February 24 2023

Can you send me the link to the Raldi's Crackhouse Twitter Account Post where you found the beta

Will Origins be on Itch

Here's some screenshots I have of me beating the game

February 11 2023

February 12 2023

Here's a screenshot from 4/14/2023 of me beating the game

Jhon, please add options to change the controls 

I use a laptop and I'm not comfortable using the left shift and spacebar for running and looking back

I managed to beat Normal Mode and Stalk Mode each first try, well not exactly because I decided to kill myself in Normal Mode twice just to hear the jumpscare noise and see myself get burnt in an oven and I decided to kill myself in Stalk Mode to see if he crashes the game, but yeah I somehow did this game easy but I didn't record unfortunately

I struggled with Blabi mode a little bit I beat it

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Here's some images of my victories and defeats that I had on my computer for a while and want get rid of



I got the easter egg where the boss before New Game+ doesn't kill because you have more health then his 45 damage attack and yes here's also my victory (both are from 4/1/2023)

I also got New Game++ on 4/1/2023

My first victory from April 14 2023

My Second Victory

My death amount went from 4-5 as soon as I won

Also I was listening to a mashup of "The Only Thing I Know For Real" and "The World Revolving"

Original Date of this screenshot: 2023-06-18

Here's a screenshot of me beating the game that I want to get off my computer