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pretty nice game

Happy I could help

Thats supposed to be this way, that game is about intentional glitches

"Do you know that game called portal?"

What is wrong?

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I´ve gotten all the red cubes into the ending(4 i think)

Also, this thread was about the cubes haven 0G during pause, not the pause "Glitch" which is intentional

That works, altho another slight problem came up with that, now the boss zooms to you as soon as you respawn. I think thats fine but just wanted to let you know

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Couldnt fire and just wanted to see what would happen

also, when I respawned I saw the other one for like 3 frames, it was flying by

Nice game

I may or may not have brought the dogfight to a halt by flying a way for 30 seconds, just in one direction

the inputs are a bit janky(for me at least), but still a great game

Very nice mechanic, pretty easy after you understand the "interaction"


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Or is it, i mean its supposed to simulate aa paused screen unless you move

dont think it should be considered one

actually, yes it should fall as soon as it is touched, but thats extra stuff, i can live with 0G cubes

What do you have?

Loved this

thank you for this piece

Awsome gam

good game, but please move reset

Dude use all powerups

Thats fast