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Interbullet Art

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Is this game still in active development?

hey, im sorry you gotta be dealing with this man, even if its below the thresholds.. unity just died for me!

firstly.. bruh wtf,

secondly.. i dont think any new big chars will be added in the near future, as a new char was added only recently

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hey, i love your music, would i be allowed to use it in an open source roleplaying software?

Outsider Artisan added your program into one of his collections

thank you for your reply, the curent hex art is not a dealbreaker. its just not the style i like, dont get me wrong, the art is not really bad. I would at least like to give you a suggestion which could still kinda fix that. The point that i wanted to make is that the characters kinda feel out of place(especially the face), i mean like everything is shaded, but the face not. Could you guys try to add some shading to the faces?

hey, i really appriciate your work, but i am not a fan of the new artstyle. I would like to give a little feedback about that artist(please dont take this too serisously, but this is just my opinion): i dont like the new artist, not one bit.. it feels super flat and cartoonish.

im sorry if this sounded rude, but thats just how i feel about it. Please change to another artist(for the rest of this game and the new game hex), for hex you can change it now, but into further development it will be difficult.

again, i am sorry if this came out too harsh.

thank you, i was just super annoyed by not getting to see more futas xd. jokes aside, the game is pretty good, especially the art and the animations. (but i still think the "skill issue haha" or something guys are just super childish!)

Please for the love of god i hate the fighting in the game, i dont know why you are all so annoying with your "skill issue". The figthing in this game is UNBALANCED! you get thrown into the game 2 girls you need to fight.. easy.. then all of a sudden you need to defeat some kind of elden ring ass creatures... i like this game, dont get me wrong, but it us unplayable(not only for me, i saw a couple of comment about it on here, and i asked a friend to play it. he often plays 2d fighting games but he didnt even get the thick mushroom futa!).

I would love to come back to this game, but it is at an unplayable state!

when update?

bro please

long time no see! how is it going with the new game?



i hope this is a joke

sorry if any of my messages sounded aggressive, my main language isn't English.

I think some in the ai art community are toxic as hell, but that is also the case in the human art scene. I hope some of the artists will understand us, we are being attacked and harassed constantly. I don't want human creativity to be replaced, it's great really, but as an example, I have absolutely no creativity or skill for art. Buut i want to make games, so I need art, do I have enough money to buy art? no, so I use ai. Thanks for explaining to me what this project means in detail, you should ALWAYS label if your project/whatever was made by AI. Artists will never be obsolete.

ah, thanks for hating on us every day. It's not like the tools that made this "Ai-art" were made by humans.. noo.. of course not. It's like when cameras became a thing, everyone said "ohh noo now nobody is going to buy our art", thats just not true, art exists today, and real artists will exist in the future. Ai-art and art made by humans art completely other things. This is not meant to hate on artists, I just wanted to show say my opinion. I hope you have a good day, but please dont hate on us guys(even if you(the creator of this project) dont hate on us, i just wanted to say my opinion)

when will 3.0 be available to the public?

are there any spoilers for the new season/manga?

ok, now that's sad

message from the dc server:

why is the 2d artwork called old? is it being updated or smth?


the 2d art is way better in my opinion

when update for melissa?

I searched, and it does not have an API, so it is not possible to integrate it in Zenith Grabber for the time being(there are solutions but i don't think stoozey will write something from scratch for one site, correct me if I'm the wrong stoozey)

thanks :) i now know how to dowkload zenith grabber :)))))

when update?

soooo good, please make a full game out of it. i mean a bit longer, like 30minutes or so

what is your new project?

yo, what about a new update

oh, then it's relatively "easy"

do you use renpy?