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in the internet are some converters that can convert rar to .zip. Then you only have to unzip it! :)

Ahhh, ok nice! I will try again later!

What am I supposed to do?

I never was this trilled to learn the truth. Now I know the truth. Nice.

Good Game! Sadly it's a bit short but I had a great time.  The Inventary had some bugs, but all in all it worked good. 

Good Game, had much fun. would be even better if you would make an mobile app out of it!

It takes some time to let the ball stay in  frame and figure out a tactic, nice!

Sehr cool, hätte gerne mehr über die Charaktere erfahren. Das Monster unter dem Bett war auch klasse. Ich hoffe ihr macht das irgendwann noch weiter

Sounds funny and it's fun to play

I like the art, it fits the game really well. But after a while it becomes meaningless, because it feels like it would repeat itself. Maybe it's because the levels are really big, and when I go from one Onion to the other I only see the same background over and over. The enemy's are cool, I like how they increase in Number level by level. It's also good that they sometimes get stuck in objects, so sometimes they surround me by supprise. 

All in all a good game. 

I don't know if it's a bug: if I put 2 fingers on the screen my player will resporn from the beginning of the level. That happened to me when I tried to click the next level. Maybe it would also help if the game would pause by getting the goal of a level