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Yes, steady work among other games at the same time :) At 80% completed with some play testing after that scheduled before launch. 

Thanks for asking!

Thanks for the positivity!

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Yes, you may under CC0 attribution. This is basically a template for you to build upon. Enjoy!

Thanks for the play and the positive feedback! I'm glad you enjoyed.

Thanks so much! Will keep creating :D

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Thanks for the play, feedback, and share!

We're up!


We are about 75% completed, and expect to be done in May/June. It's looking and sounding quite good!

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Thank you and glad to hear! The second, larger chapter of QFTX has been scripted out and I looking to go into development later this year. I'm currently working through coding the second half of an unrelated thriller-adventure named Pine, which is currently in beta testing. Excited for upcoming releases to show you!

You are actually the first to mention the nod to a now defunct video game company from the 80s in the logo... very nice! The second half of the name is also an homage to a certain individual from Preston High School in Idaho...

Hey cool! Nice work.

Thanks for playing and posting! I have the second chapter scripted and designed and am trying to find a coding partner to work with so that is can be implemented in Lua instead of in Pulp, which the first chapter utilised. It's actually pretty hard to find a reliable partner IMHO, even if I've tried to do so using freelancers.

In the meantime, I have been working to complete a separate game in Pulp that should be done in the next month or two. 

Thanks so much for playing and commenting!

You're very welcome and thank you so much for your well-wrought and generous post. I always hope that my games and stories are creating memorable experiences for others, and it is support like yours that fuels me to continue creating. I hope you continue on with Guy de Canet in his journey as that epic unfolds.

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Congratulations to our three submissions and winners!

FIRST PLACE:  Passcode (FunTime) by kantackistan 
 Ranked 1st  (Score: 3.867)

Ranked 2nd  (Score: 3.600)

Ranked 3rd  (Score: 2.800)

Sure you can.

Hi there. You'll need to find some more air while swimming the final half of the underwater chamber. You'll need a sharp object to find that air, but you won't be able to use your sword as it's too heavy to swim with. Try to use your sword to create a sharp object in the underground meeting room instead.

I like the artwork! And the simple idea of cat and mouse is always an interesting one to work with.  I was a bit confused about the goal at first... was this described somewhere and I missed it? The G&W series moved a bit toward two-player games later in its history, and I think there's alot of fun to be had in a simple handheld for two players to play on the bus, while waiting at school, etc. Great job for your first time attempting a G&W game!

Will do!

Happy questing!

Let me see if I can figure out how to allow it-- otherwise just add your link to the description so anyone can head over to the browser version to play.

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Did you use the PD crank?

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If the bucket it still sitting at the top of the well, attached to rod and handle, you'll need to do something else with it for it to serve its purpose of communicating to someone at the bottom...

It doesn't, but I'll wait for the browser version.

Fantastic! I'm on a Mac so I eagerly wait :)

I am so glad to hear you enjoyed it-- your comments inspire me to continue creating. 

Thanks so much! I really do appreciate the support as it's what inspires me to make more games. I hope you enjoy questing!

Quite interesting! Thanks for that. I'll check out the link now.

We are now in the voting period for the submissions, so go ahead and have a look, a play, and submit your ratings for the nice work created! You can have a look at the rating criteria on the jam page if unsure of the meaning, or feel free to drop a message here.

Great submission! I left some other comments on your itch page.

Interesting concept, and nice progression of difficulty! I want to know a bit more of the story behind these characters and the conflict they are in... how did you come up with the idea?

I'm looking forward to playing! How to start the game in the browser?

Echoing what kantackistan has said-- you're all good with or without SFX, and thanks for being here. 

And thanks kantackistan for being a good mate!

Looks like you worked it out! Happy questing and feel free to message me here if you get stuck again.

FYI... it's up on the PD Catalog as of this past week.

Thanks for your support and feedback! There are no hints online but feel free to send me a message if you get stuck. Happy questing!

Best of luck to all in finishing up their submissions-- looking forward to seeing your unique creations!

Very nicely finished! How did you create the look of the device, the screen depth/shadows, etc.?

Nice creation! How did you create the look of the device and the shadows, etc.?

I invited you specifically for your contributions and your interesting ideas, Itizso...