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Matt Eland

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I believe that’s a record! Congrats!

This is just a fantastic game. You really need to check it out - particularly if you enjoy resource management / logistical supply games like Railroad Tycoon.

Congratulations! I don’t think I saw you streaming this time around, but love the submission after the title menu and first level. Great take on the concept and nice look and feel.

Needs more doggos.

Nice work and kudos to a well-executed and entertaining game jam entry and associated stream!

I love this! I’m likely redoing this game in 3D later on this year. Any feedback from a speedrunning perspective would be appreciated!

That’s awesome! My best in casual testing was 1:06 including the time for the victory screen. What was your route?

Yeah, if I decided to take more time on the project / prototype, I’d probably manually do every collider on the walls instead of relying on auto-generated ones.

I view this as a bit of a prototype / concept for maybe a 3D version of it.

Thanks for the feedback and the video!

I dunno. This feels like it was written in a weekend by a man in a wizard hat.

It’s fun. I enjoyed the tutorial. Figuring out how to kill enemies still threw me off initially without having a starting special ability, but I enjoyed it.

I know you spent decent time on the music, but it might have been better off on more enemies or powers with only low-level ambient noise for background.

Enjoyed watching and playing!

Thank you. Sent!

I love your SciFi Tileset assets and their styles. I picked up the bundle happily a day or two ago and noted in the license that they can be included in Closed Source works.

I'm working on a small app to go with a talk I'm giving called "Modelling a Starship in F#", focusing on teaching a functional programming language (F#) to developers using a fun space backdrop and theme to help sell the concept. The actual modeling aspect centers around oxygen, power, CO2, heat, water, etc.

I'd love to use your tiles in that talk, but I also want to offer my code openly to anyone wanting to play with it after the talk.

Are you opposed to me providing a subset of those tiles and a clear branding indicating that these assets are from you and are not for re-use (along with a link to your information)?

Thanks man. You've been nothing but encouraging. Just working on getting the February work items done and my work for March planned.

Thanks for your feedback! Look for another update early next month.

Thanks. I agree. Speed is a concern. Long-term, this is going to be in Unity and won't have the client / server delays it currently has now. This is a sort of "migratory phase" where I move the logic out of TypeScript and into C#.

Working on some new special effects to make damage and actions a bit more visible. I should post a new build with those in it tonight or tomorrow, and will move on to funner things. Speed probably won't improve much in the next few weeks, but could get a bit better in a month or so if I decide to focus on it again.