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To be more specific,

top-down 2d (RPG like interfere), no leveling (exp), little RNG elements and non zelda-like

is that consider an adventure or RPG game?


From what I can gathered online, RPG and adventure game is two different genre. However, adventure game can have RPG elements just that it is less focused on character development (experience, skills, levels etc). Am I correct to say that?

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Thank you for replying. I am really interested to purchase this and However, my only mode of payment is Bitcoin and it seem that your asset cannot be purchased with Bitcoin. It would be good if you could kindly enable Bitcoin payment.

Thank you.

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Hello LuckyCassette

Sorry if my question sound stupid or whatever. I also apologize if this comment section is not for this kind of things. I am new to platform and I register here because I am interested in your monster pack. I have two questions.

1. Are those sprites colored?

2. Can I modify those sprite?

(3. Just asking to be sure, if I purchased those sprites, can I use in commercial work?)

Thank you