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I was afraid of that.....darn it. Oh well. I will figure it out.

I dont have to start over??

yeaaaaaah. I didn't realize that till after. Did I screw up?

This is the next installment and honestly, I don't why I didn't finish it. Maybe next episode!

Frames worked like a charm after a few tweaks! Thanks for the info!

Part 6 is live! Mutant, we are almost done with your awesome game, sad but oh so worth it! 

Part 5 is live! We inch ever closer to the will be a sad day once this is all over. But we can enjoy while it lasts!

We take on the honeycombs!

Finally time for pt 4! Will this be the end or will the LAB keep our fearless hero in its grasp? Watch to find out!

Awesome! I'll try it out. Looking forward to it. And if you need any games reviewed or whatnot, let me know! I'd be stoked to try em out

Tough yes, but I'm determined to take them down even if it means 3 hours! No video this week but next monday will be the new one!

Pt 3 of our walk through. We take on the mantis (manti?) 

Part 2 of the walkthrough. No glitches this time! (At least I hope not lol) happy watching! 

Of course. Credit where its due.  Yeah, it stopping is embarrassing, I have no clue why it did that..I'll address that in the video coming today...Same here!

Awesome game! We take out Guy Smiley in our first LAB missions! Kudos mutant....

Great game. This was one of my funnest videos to record. Keep it up.