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Just made a let's play on your game. Please enjoy!

Yeah my man, it's free!

Playing with the people.

Even though you missed it live, enjoy!

A Gift For You

Read description.

Playing as THE PRINCIPAL! Enjoy.

This game was legit...

Oh my gosh...


Baldi's Basics IN HD?!

Let me know what you guys think! 

No ASMR In The Halls!!

A Darker Baldi's Fan-Game?!

Advanced Education ASMR....what?

For some reason, I cannot run this game on my computer. I had no problem with Baldi's, but this games makes it lock up as if it were a virus. It's not my antivirus software either. Anyone have a fix for this?

Baldi's ASMR

Baldi's ASMR...What??

Principal Roleplay?!?

Baldi's Basics, IN ROBLOX!!


Baldi's Basics, but It's ASMR.  Woah.

Principal ASMR. Enjoy.

Baldi ASMR. All Dialogue. Enjoy. ^^

What do you have planned for the next 10 hours? THIS VIDEO.

Principal Roleplay ASMR

FINALLY Beating Baldi... ASMR

1st Prize ASMR. Please enjoy.

Yep, it exists... 

Spicy Baldi ASMR. You know you want too...

The new update is here! Come and see it in ASMR form!

Gotta Sweep ASMR. 10. HOURS.

Principal ASMR. No relaxing in the halls!

Mario's Basics ASMR. You're welcome.

Gotta Sweep ASMR. Yes, it's here.

Baldi's Basics ASMR. You heard me. 

Relax with Baldi.