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Thanks! I made this variant for the game (maybe it existed prior to that) and called it “Choss” which isn’t very inspired ahah. The goal was just to create a simpler game than chess for beginners and also remove opening theory for advanced players, but it probably isn’t as well balanced as more serious chess variants :)

I’m aware of the draw bug but didn’t fix it yet ahah

And yes, Carl probably didn’t use his power because you beat him very progressively ahah, which is kinda hard to do so well done!

The AI code is probably the cleanest part of the code, but the move generation phase is really lacking in optimisations, even though the algorithm is good 👍

Thanks for playing!

IIRC Alice does say something like that when she (the AI) thinks you made a mistake ? But I’ve moved on to other projects so ¯_(ツ)_/¯

And yes I tend to get the punctuation spacing wrong indeed (you guessed correctly, I am french :p)

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Merci pour le message :)
I’ve never seen alice “cheat” ! I’m not too surprised though as the whole code is a mess typical of gamejams.

To be honest I kinda winged it when I decided to chop the board in half and name the game Choss ahah. I had a working implementation of real chess but I thought the game might be easier for beginners this way… Turns out the AI was still a bit too hard for new players !

Thanks for playing :)

Thanks, your game was really well made too !

yep, this is certainly more appreciable to chess players ahah, hopefully the rest too !

exactly ! thanks :)

Thanks, I loved playing your TD too ahah :) Brought back the Bloons memories

Thank you and sorry you couldn’t beat it D: The AI is definitely the one thing I would improve if I had more time, just so it would make bigger and more human like mistakes xd

amazing puzzle that’s educative and fit the theme in the same time !

Addictive ! love the z=0 joke xd

Excellent ! All the games are well designed and the dialogue is quite funny :)