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IIRC Alice does say something like that when she (the AI) thinks you made a mistake ? But I’ve moved on to other projects so ¯_(ツ)_/¯

And yes I tend to get the punctuation spacing wrong indeed (you guessed correctly, I am french :p)

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Merci pour le message :)
I’ve never seen alice “cheat” ! I’m not too surprised though as the whole code is a mess typical of gamejams.

To be honest I kinda winged it when I decided to chop the board in half and name the game Choss ahah. I had a working implementation of real chess but I thought the game might be easier for beginners this way… Turns out the AI was still a bit too hard for new players !

Thanks for playing :)

Thanks, your game was really well made too !

yep, this is certainly more appreciable to chess players ahah, hopefully the rest too !

exactly ! thanks :)

Thanks, I loved playing your TD too ahah :) Brought back the Bloons memories

Thank you and sorry you couldn’t beat it D: The AI is definitely the one thing I would improve if I had more time, just so it would make bigger and more human like mistakes xd

amazing puzzle that’s educative and fit the theme in the same time !

Addictive ! love the z=0 joke xd

Excellent ! All the games are well designed and the dialogue is quite funny :)