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God, that armor must smell FOUL

Looks sweet. Gives me Last Exile vibes.

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I was worried when this class disappeared off of, but I really like this redesign!

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Hey there! I want to start off by saying I love this guide. It’s awesome to finally have all the MB hacks in one handy document.

One that’s coming soon is Farewell to Arms REDUX, a MÖRK BORG hack set in a war-ravaged, bombed out version of the Dying Lands.

EDIT: Oh! And of course ORC BORG.

Thank you very much for the update, and I'm very sorry to hear about your struggles with Graves' Disease. While I hope you can finish Bones of Batala one day, I still appreciate your making the PDF available to download again. Have a great day, too!

This looks like a class that would pair brilliantly with the Repossession module.