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I am glad it was of help, your project from a quick glance seems awesome :D Thanks for sharing and making it Open Source :) I will add it to the description for people that are looking for a full fledged solution :) 

Glad it was helpful :D Looking forward to your games.

Hey there, I am sorry I am not really into video making at all. If you have specific questions just fire away. In general the .json files included in the project should be self explanatory, also there is some documentation in the script, if that doesn't cover it just come back here with your questions.
The general concept is:
- Make a new script that triggers the dialogue in any way you need it (overlap with character, button press, anything else)
- Get a reference to the main UI script provided (with get_node() or with an autoload

- Then you call LoadFile("Name Of File Here")
- And finaly you call StartDialogue()

Everything else should be setup inside each .json file for each dialogue you have created, including names,text,options and where they lead etc. The one included should give a good representation of what you can do with it.

If you don't know how .json files work (or are supposed to work anyway, they are plain text files after all, they just have defined structure is all) you should check out a generic json tutorial , it should clear most things up.

Hey sorry for the late response, I had a lot of work and didn't check out itch all this time. Well yeah, you will have to make a timer of sorts that will add the letter to the TextLabel, you don't really need a TimerNode to do that, you can have an array with the final text, and another one with the current, then on the Update function you can do something of the sort:
var FullText = "Here is a green ballon!"
var CurrentText = ""

var i := 0
var timer := 0.0
    timer += delta

    if timer >= 0.2:

        timer -= 0.2

        CurrentText += FullText[i]

        i += 1

And then you just update the Text Label with the current text, and check if the i reaches the last letter on the FullText so you can go on to the next DIalogue option.

Glad you liked it, there should be 0 problems moving from a Node2D to a control, or any other parent for that matter, as long as the children are there :)

I am really glad it was helpful to you,  the whole point was for it to be easy to follow/educational . Getting these stuff to work for you i just 3 weeks is amazing btw, looking forward to seeing your games one day :D

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Hey, I am glad it was of help to someone, will fix it when I get back from work , thanks for the input :D

Edit: Fixed , thanks for pointing that out , that was a silly mistake :D

That sounds great ! Really appreciate it.

Really nice vfx pack ! It matches nicely with the Shots one :D

If it's not much trouble could you export the level up ring without the text? If it's a hassle dw about it , I will just clean it up on aseprite or something.

Hello, first of the asset looks amazing, already bought. I have to ask though,  is it ok for me to edit before use? I have some pallete  alterations to fit my theme,  i have a version of the sheet with no fires (so that i can grant em later), have done some mix and match for jump and fall animations and finally had to draw a ledge grip animation ( based on your original). I will credit you it ever sees the light of day of course.