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Try to click on the game frame. If it doesn't work download the executable

Love it haha!

no lol. Another copycat in the wild. Thanks for noticing me :|

Check the controls and press the two buttons (x + c). If it doesn't work clic on the game frame and try again. 

Some people complained it wasn't possible in less than 100 lives so I turned it into a joke

You're too honest. Thanks for enjoying my humble game. Cheers

Either you suck at games, or I suck as a developer

The font package have been updated with a TTF file. Making a sprite-sheet is specific to the projet you'll work on and the characters you'll need. Theres is lot of tools available online. That's all I can do.

Hello there. That's an issue that can sometimes happen with pixel fonts and that can be fixed with proper settings. Font aren't made with actual pixel, but with vector, interpreted as pixel with the right scale. 

For exemple, in photoshop the 1:1 scale correspond to 17pt, without anti-aliasing or the font will look blurry. Check if the kerning is set to Metric and the tracking to 0 or the spacings won't looks right.

If you want to use the font at different scales always pick a multiple of the base size. At X2 it should technically be 33 but depending of the software it might look better at 32 or 34. In my case it looks perfectly fine at 17, 33 and 50 pt in photoshop with the previous settings.

Using pixel fonts in a game engine can be tricky. Some game dev prefer to use sprites as they're already perfectly sized. My trick with GameMakerStudio is to set the font at the double of it size and render it at the half.

I hope it will help you acquire a better result with the font.

Look around the dungeon. Try the other way, follow the ladders. You'll be able to jump higher later 

You're beautiful

The gameplay is inspired by Zelda and other dungeons games where you have to get power-ups and items to access certain area. I suggest you to keep looking around the dungeon. Try to reach the leader above the room. Good luck

Thanks jet!

That's an hint for later. Try to go on the left and explore the reste of the dungeon

You both did an incredible work. It's even more impressive when you know the technical limitations of PICO-8. The feel is really close to the the original. Oh boy I'll be spending time on this one. Instant classic

It's an old ludum dare game for browser only, I don't plan to port it to windows, sorry. If you keep your browser window open you should be able to play it anytime 

Thanks! I admit jumps can be a bit rigid and tricky. Not my best work :p

I really enjoyed, thank you! Love the simple xp display, would be ocd perfect to sort items haha. Kind of makes me think about Orc & Elves

Too much awesomeness in this small game. Finished in a few exciting minutes. Congrats!

Really great game and concept. The sprites are simple and efficient, really enjoyed it. I haven't been able to finish it but I'll definitely try again later. 

Hi Atrax, thanks for replying. The point is it's not obvious you made if for testing. Almost everything is the same, even the video trailer with the gothic font. Take my seat, I came across something really similar to my work without even a mention of the original, for me it's more of a rip off than anything, Someone I doesn't know and didn't asked for anything who hope to gain visibility and notoriety with something he didn't make (plagiarism). Alright everyone have to learn, and level design is long and time consuming, but that's doesn't allow to do what you want. Hopefully like you said it's not a commercial project, but you still can get donations for it (the only public game of your account). 

Here what I propose you : made it bloody obvious it's not an original work. Explain what you told me, that you wanted to try a platform engine and based you work on GET OUT. That you don't own any copyright for this except for the engine. Also I would like you to disable the payment.

I don't want to bother you and hope you understand my point of view, Internet is a wonderful place, full of tallent, amazing people and contents, but it's doesn't mean we can do whatever we want. You have a platformer engine, now make a platformer with original sprites and concept and I'm sure you'll have more succes than being annoyed by a stranger with a broken english. 

Good luck 

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Well, can't say it totally make me happy. I'm the maker of the original game you copy but I think you already know that. Just have a question: why did you do that? It seems you have enough skill to make a game on your own but you don't seem aware that you can't use someone else work and pretend it's your, I mean you know it's illegal right? I'll have to do something about that but first I would like to discus with you 

There must be a way! Keep looking in the dungeon, is some places aren't accessibles at first you might need a special item 

Which one? The font for the in game texts, or the logo?

You're a sicko haha! You played too much super meat boy and cie ;)

Thanks, the music is the great work of Bogdan Raczynski!

You're not the only one having this issue. Yon only have 100 lives, you can't die as much as you can. I made a small update with a remaining lives counter

Not a bad idead. Tbh I didn't thought people would died this many times. See it a consequence of dying too many times. Plus at the end you have score penalties for each of your deaths so there's consequences

Before calling a game "shit" please take a look at what's written no need to be mean :)