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insane ukulele

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I hope we will see an extension of this thing one day, it's so awesome!

I didn't expect that ending at all. :'D

I admit this game is quite... smashing.

Really nice and fun! It gets easy though as in Normal Mode you can literally click spam out of yellow balls, even with plane blocking the way.

Excellent choice of graphics and gameplay, it sure brings childhood memories back!

I love all this sweetness! And oh boy, how ridiculous  the onslaught of copyright clams grows. LOL!

Really nice and addicting game!

The best clicker, hands down.

Looks and plays really nice! It could use at least some shuffling though.

That highscore table and music! Absolutely glorious overall!

Candylicious! :'D

Short, but soooo sweeeet! :D

Let the glorious farts bless this gem!