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Hi! I really enjoyed your game and I wish it was longer but besides that really great work!

I was confused at first of there being timed endings until I finally did something different that gave me the option to shoot but I really loved your game so much it's really suspenseful and loving.

I just played this game about 10 times, declining and accepting different things and thinking that if I clicked slower so that I wouldn't be in the red zone something good would happen. I feel really bad if this is anyone's life. I'll be making a youtube video on it because I really enjoyed it though and good luck with any future projects!

Being a huge yaoi fan I loved this so much there was just too much fangirling. The setting, story, plot, and conflicts may all be a bit chessy but in my own opinion that made it even better and I can't wait to see any other games you make because the 2 hours I spent on your game was time well spent. Good job.

I really enjoyed this game! I love a simplistic game that stays very settle and just gives you an atmosphere that something can go wrong at any time and this game provides just that.