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i love this series ive been a huge fan of your games and you are the only game creator i check up on regular basis your games never fail to impress me aAA sorry if my English is bad its not my first language I just want to say i love your games RSEDTFGYUH  

THIS IS SUCH A GOOD GAME and honestly I didn't know there was multiple endings but my ending had a god moral but I wished I knew what all the endings had other then that the art and creativity was amazing I'm happy I found this game

I was so existed for this game to come out I made some fan art for it too I posted it on my Instagram and you commented too ahhh I'm fangirling over this Franbow was a amazing game I'm hoping this is great as Franbow was I watched the trailer a ,million times ahhhh

This is one of the best games out there normally with games with a lot of story lines it gets boring but in this game I just loved it the story was something fresh and new I loved how the main character has personality I just loved it all together