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Am i not supposed to give the tutorial cat a torch?? it keeps telling me to present it to him but then says its wrong my dumb brain does not understand ;_;


this was so good and very well made! I loved everything about it, thank you for making this :)

When does the update come to the browser version?

AHHH this game is very good! the story is cute, and the music is VERRYY GOOD it makes me even more motivated lol

and it's cool how you made this out of that little idea you had in the beginning, you made it really cool and interesting :))

this game is so good oh my gosh

i was so scared when the music changed and THE CHAIR CAME AT ME

but the fact that you had to type your bullets was awesome

i love this!!

this was a very nice game. i loved it a lot

i loved this so much! But is SHRIMP HEAVEN NOW from what i think it's from..? lol

Keep up the good work!

really cool and cute game!!

i was playing in Firefox, but i think it was something wrong with my headset, so i think everything is okay after all? I dont know

But thank you for taking your time to help :))

i had no sound in the browser version

This is such a cool game

It's not that long, but it makes me feel things, like-- it just makes me happy :')

Keep it up!