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can't say that I've encountered JOY before, maybe she is in the new update.

She had the Meta-Quest 2 headset and I played the go between from the digital world to the physical, a little background I suppose is in order that may inspire you to keep up with your hard-work. My wife 34 had not yet known what an 'orgasm' actually was until we or rather she played this game, I know hard to believe but my  wife is a rather unique individual being 1 of 2 people like her known in the world.

I can imagine how hard it must be to design and build all of this game it's an immense undertaking I work with unreal engine myself so I do understand if some of these suggestions are more work than it's worth.

1. She got the Audio part from the Meta-Quest 2, is there a way it can have a dual output to both the headset and my headphones at the same time?

2. We have an assortment of adult toys that are available, adding these to a list of physically assets could help the characters in game grow a bit, if you really want to get complicated with it Devilish Domina or someone could ask if the player has {item}, if the play has an item for example: a suction capable dildo, the player could be requested to ask it's location using the controller to remember its position location.

3. Equally some people aren't into certain aspects of there body being invaded let say by objects, it would helpful if you could lock certain behaviors from the characters within the game, you could immerse it with Devilish Domina. Do you like <insert type of thing>? {yes} {maybe} (non-answer) & {no}, it then locks that behavior for all other characters in game preferring to use alternatives. 

4. If positioning it would be nice if the screen I'm monitoring the situation from had a static image of what pose (regardless of invisible to the player) that they was supposed to be in, so as the second inter-dom (so to speak)  can guide or choose not to, in the same sense it would be nice if there was a count down too when the strike was supposed to hit before actually does to time it better with the game. In short I guess; a better monitoring system for people with a 'friend' helping out that the active player cannot see. (obviously turned off for single player users).

5. A nice option to add to the book would be a go to location option, my wife got it in the end but it was a bit of a battle.

Hope this help further development in some ways maybe in directions you hadn't already thought about.

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I think the reason it terminates is if there happens to be a unforeseen *bug* with the device(s) your using, what you suggest could well end up in an infinite spanking loop.

Thanks for the really cool game, I'm astonished I've pretty much ran the Internet dry looking for VR Games to play on my Oculus 2 and this one still comes out tops, even more so I was reading somewhere that one of the developers (maybe both) are countrymen of mine here in New Zealand, awesome work guys really love the efforts you've made, looking forward to the future of this game.

* In order to see the updated content you must first restart the profile from the beginning, this presumes to be the case with 2.4.1 as I saw the new mistress from 2.4.1 with new interactions.
* After play through once (presumed) either of the new additional mistresses from 2.4.1 and 2.5.1 they cannot be replayed / do the given task, there isn't a task with 2.4.1, but 2.5.1 does have one so I'm presuming the same bug would have existed had there of been one.